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Angela Cintolesi

Angela Cintolesi


B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2006.
B.S., Biotechnology Engineering, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2006.
Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University, 2013.


Project Description

With the increase in prices of traditional fuels, alternative renewable energy sources are needed, and the production of biofuels becomes imperative. So far, studies of E. coli have been focused on using glucose as feedstock for the production of ethanol, a biofuel.  In contrast, glycerol and fatty acids have become abundant recently, and their utilizations have not been deeply studied using mathematical modeling. My research focuses in use of kinetic and stoichiometric models to study glycerol and fatty acids metabolism in Escherichia coli, as well as potential genetic modifications that will lead to the production of other valuable chemical.

Two approaches are used in this study: kinetic and stoichiometric modeling. Kinetic models are useful to identify the control structure within a specific pathway, and also to quantitatively predict changes in fluxes in response to genetic modifications. Nevertheless, kinetic models require detailed in vivo kinetic information, making this model applicable to a small set of reactions. On the other hand, stoichiometric modeling only requires mass balance information, making it applicable to large scale metabolic networks (genome scale).



Cintolesi A., Rodriguez-Moya, M., and Gonzalez, R. (2013). Fatty Acid Oxidation: Systems Analysis and Applications. WIREs System Biology and Medicine, DOI: 10.1002/wsbm.1226.

Cintolesi, A., Clomburg, J.M., Rigou, V., Zygourakis, K., and Gonzalez, R. (2012). Quantitative analysis of the fermentative metabolism of glycerol in Escherichia coliBiotechnology and Bioengineering, 109 (1): 187-198.

Moisset, P., Vaisman, D., Cintolesi, A., Urrutia, J., Rapaport, I., Andrews, B.A., Asenjo, J.A. (2012) Continuous modeling of metabolic networks with gene regulation in yeast and in vivo determination of rate parameters. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 109(9): 2325-2339.


Fulbright-Conicyt Scholarship, 2008-2012.

Contact Information

Abercrombie Lab, C124
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS-362
Houston, TX, 77005