Volunteer Opportunities

This information was gathered by Caroline Harris. Feel free to call her at 630-8207 or email her at caroline@rice.edu if you have any questions. She can also help you with logistical things like carpooling, etc. if need be.

University of Houston Legal Aid Clinic Law students counsel and represent poor clients. Mostly family law. M-F 9-5 in office, evenings and weekends out of office Serve subpoenas as needed (deliver to homes), answer phones and help in office. once a week Ellen Mertz, Director, 743-0894
District Court Judges N/A N/A N/A N/A Individual judges. For information, call 755-6575
Municipal Courts M-F 8am-10pm Teen court is Mon & Tues. eve. They need Spanish speakers. Help judges between and during trials Once a week Anne Otero 247-8791
City Attorney's Office M-F 8-5 Various projects for an attorney. Writing sample and resume required. N/A twice a week or during winter/summer break Cassy Levy 247-1476
Child Advocates Defend the rights of abused and neglected children M-F 8:30 - 5:00 in office, evenings and weekends out of office Court-appointed advocate (21 or older); legislative committee. Training and clearance checks required for advocates. 3-6 months Angela Ivey 529-1396 x216
Houston Refugee Pro Bono Project Provide legal representation to indigent asylum seekers N/A Write letters, coordinate events, research on native countries, clerical, phones (Spanish useful), help Spanish-speaking clients apply for work permits. Minimum age 18, mandatory training session. Internship opportunities available. 4-5 hours per week Anne Amis 995-4005
Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division N/A N/A Computer work, filing, assist attorneys in court, research case law, prepare courtroom exhibits, help with client intake and interviews (depending on interest and skills). Internship opportunities available. Other divisions of the Attorney General's office take a few volunteers as well. 4 hours per week Vincent M. Ivery 975-9416
CARECEN (Central American Refugee Center) Pro-bono legal assistance to Central American refugees M-F 9-5, possible weekends Help with everything: asylum cases (before and during trials), petitions for family members, citizenship applications, office work. Spanish useful. N/A Linda Moreno 665-1284

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