What Are They Looking For?

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N.B. This information was compiled by Jon Gillum. Contact him for more information.

Baylor University LSAT, GPA, Work, Leadership, Activities, Academic Trends, Major
College of William and Mary Undergrad. Work, LSAT, Work, Other Personal Qualities
Columbia University N/A
Cornell University Activities, Life Experience, Work, LSAT, GPA, Graduate Work, Recommendations
Duke University GPA, School, LSAT, Leadership, Grad. Work, Work, Community Service, Recommendations
Emory University Academic Accomplishments, LSAT, Activities, Work, Undergraduate Program, Graduate Work, Recommendations
George Washington University Undergrad. Record, LSAT, School, Major, Personal Statement, Recommendations
Georgetown University Undergraduate Records, LSAT, Activities, Recommendations, Work, Diversity
Harvard University Transcripts, Activities, Work, Background, Recommendations, Personal Statement, LSAT
New York University Undergraduate Record, LSAT, Course Work, Grade Trends, Rank, School, Major, Honors/Awards
Northwestern University "Broad Range of Factors"
Saint Mary's University Academic Ability, Diversity, Leadership, Maturity, Skills, Languages, Accomplishments
South Texas College of Law LSAT, GPA, Achievement, Recommendations, Work, Community Service, Experiences, Leadership
Southern Methodist University LSAT, Undergraduate Performance, Graduate Work, Work, Activities, Personal Statement, Recommendations
Stanford University Undergraduate and Graduate Record, Experience, Talents, Aspirations
Texas Tech GPA, LSAT, Course Work, Graduate Work, Work, Leadership, Activities, Writing Sample
University of California at Berk. LSAT, Undergraduate Academic Work, Exceptional Accomplishments, Recommendations, Talents, Work
University of California at L.A. LSAT, GPA, Quality of Undergraduate Program
University of Chicago College Record, LSAT
University of Houston LSAT, GPA, Background, Graduate Work, Honors, Activities, Work, Personal Statement
University of Illinois at U-C GPA, LSAT, Graduate Work, Work, Leadership
University of Iowa Iowa Residency, GPA, LSAT, Recommendations, Extracurricular Activities
University of Michigan LSAT, Course Work
University of Minnesota LSAT, GPA, Work Experience, Extracurricular Achievement and Activities
University of Notre Dame Academic Performance, Work, Recommendations, Activities, Leadership, LSAT, Charitable Activities
University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Performance, LSAT, Maturity, Activities, Recs.
University of Southern California Academic Record, LSAT, Personal Statement, Recommendations
University of Texas GPA, LSAT
University of Virginia GPA, LSAT, Maturity, Work, Academic Trends, Achievements
University of Washington Predicted Academic Performance, Talents, Skills
University of Wisconsin GPA, LSAT
Vanderbilt University Quality of Undergraduate Record, Activities, LSAT, Recommendations
Washington and Lee University LSAT, GPA, Grade Trends, Rigor of Academic Program, Achievement, Work, Recommendations
Yale University Luck = Of the 114 Applicants in 1995 who had a 3.75+ GPA and 175-180 LSAT, only 59 got in.

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