Environmental readings

  1. The Capitalist Threat - George Soros, The Atlantic Monthly, Feb 1997
  2. Toward a Global Open Society - George Soros, The Atlantic Monthly, Jan 1998
  3. Knowledge for Development: Economic Science, Economic Policy and Economic Advice - Joseph Stiglitz, Address to the World Bank's 10th Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)
  4. Global Capitalism: Making it Work - Jeffrey Sachs, The Economist, 1998
  5. Oil as a Finite Resource: When is Global Production Likely to Peak? - James J. MacKenzie, World Resources Institute
  6. World Resources Institute Data Tables - topical data compilations
  7. Why Did Human History Unfold Differently On Different Continents? - Jared Diamond, The Edge
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Updated: 15 Feb 1999