LOVE 201: Understanding Environmental Issues
An inderdisciplinary perspective

LOVE 201 Background

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The idea for LoveBake (LOVE 201/BAKE 202) arose as a result of conversations among members of an environmental discussion group which meets regularly at Baker College. The proposed course is organized around a series of topical modules, each of which is multidisciplinary in nature. Over a dozen Rice faculty or alumni are committed to participate in this course (1) as regular attendees (whereby we can maintain the broadest possible perspective in discussions) and (2) as organizers of the various modules.

Course Components



BAKE 202 (Spring semester) will be a more in-depth workshop type course wherein a few selected environmental issues are studied in greater detail. (e.g., a sustainable city, a sustainable world, environmental systems analysis, man & environment - an evolutionary view, 'first' vs. 'third' world perspectives on environmental issues, etc.). In fact, one of the objectives of LOVE 201 is to have the students and faculty develop the concepts for this sequel course. It likely will be more research-oriented and involve interdisciplinary teams of students working to find solutions to a few selected environmental problems. In both courses we want to move away from the "sky is falling" approach to environmental issues and come to grips with "how do we get from where we are to where we want to be."

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Please forward any questions, comments, or suggestions to either Bill Leeman (Lovett College) or Arthur Few (Baker College).

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Updated: 3 Sept 97