BAKE 302/303: Understanding Environmental Systems
An inderdisciplinary perspective

Class Schedule & Syllabus

Meets 1-2:30 pm - Monday & Friday

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Key to readings

Note: this page will be updated weekly throughout the semester

Date Module Topic Instructors Related activities/Notes
Week 1
Mon, 12-Jan Rice University Campus - Organizational meeting

Link to the related course, ENVI 490 organized by Mike Ford

Few & others Shuttle Radar image of Houston-Galveston area
(this large file downloads slowly)
Fri, 16-Jan Form, function, and human interactions with space All Meetings with VP Administration and Directors of Facilities & Engineering and Food & Housing
Week 2
Mon, 19-Jan ML King Day Holiday - no class
Fri, 23-Jan Lecture and walking tour:

The campus landscape & ecology - objectives, data, schedule, anticipated problems

All Teams present plans
Week 3
Mon, 26-Jan Team status reports - outlines for report All
Fri, 30-Jan Electrical power - water systems All David Orr visit
Week 4
Mon, 2-Feb Systems thinking: reports & presentations training All
Fri, 6-Feb Preliminary reports and presentations All
Week 5
Mon, 9-Feb System modeling - flows, reservoirs, feedback, drivers, controls, limits Few
Fri, 13-Feb Natural systems - small vs. large,
the Earth as a system,
Engineered systems
Week 6
Mon, 16-Feb Open & closed systems; houses, cities, engineered Earth? All Update reports
Fri, 20-Feb NASA's space station, lecture and tour

Field trip to JSC

Week 7
Mon, 23-Feb System behavior - modeling results All
Fri, 27-Feb Biosphere 2 - the plan and the experience All
Sat, 28-Feb Field Studies in Environmental Systems Faculty & those registered for BAKE 304 Depart 6 am for Arizona
Week 8
Spring Break (2-6 Mar) Field trip to visit Biosphere 2, near Tucson Arizona Seminars, tours, projects with Biosphere 2 crew Return via Los Alamos NL, Bandelier NM, and Santa Fe

Arrive Houston on Sunday, 8 Mar

Week 9
Mon, 9-Mar Update on Rice environmental analysis All
Fri, 13-Mar Final report and class presentations All
Week 10
Mon, 16-Mar Presentations to Rice University Administration All
Fri, 20-Mar Living on campus - meeting the needs

Organizational meeting - environmental design for a 'Ninth College'

Week 11
Mon, 23-Mar Rice architecture & overview Meeting with V P Administration
Fri, 27-Mar Building restrictions & codes Teams present plans: -constraints, goals, needs, anticipated problems
Week 12
Mon, 30-Mar Heat transfer, heat loads, windows All
Fri, 3-Apr Air conditioning & heating Team progress reports and research coordination
Week 13
Mon, 6-Apr Solar energy: passive, collectors, storage, electricity All
Fri, 10-Apr Spring recess No class
Week 14
Fri, 13-Apr Water usage - lighting systems All
Fri, 17-Apr Team progress reports and research coordination All
Week 15
Mon, 20-Apr Final reports and class presentations All
Mon, 24-Apr Presentations to the Administration All


Introduction to Course

Introduce team of instructors
Overview of the course structure
Books and WWW resources
Discussion of course objectives (why are we here?)

Campus tour & environmental analysis

Week 2 TBA

Analytical strategies

Week 3 TBA

"Systems thinking"

Week 4 TBA

System modeling

Week 5 TBA

System engineering

Week 6 TBA

System behavior

Week 7 TBA

Spring Break trip to Biosphere 2

Week 8 TBA

Environmental analysis - preliminary reports

Week 9 TBA

Formal presentations; Living on campus

Week 10 TBA

Rice architectural review

Week 11 TBA

Architectural systems - I

Week 12 TBA

Architectural systems - II

Week 13 TBAs

Environmental analysis of living environments

Week 14 TBA

Reports & presentations

Week 15 TBA

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