BAKE 302/303: Understanding Environmental Systems
An inderdisciplinary perspective

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"Whenever I walk with a child, I think how much I have seen disappear in my own life.
What will there be for this person when he is my age?"
Barry Lopez, 'Children in the Woods', in Crossing Open Ground

This page presents WWW links to environmental topics generally related to the course.
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Systems & Change

"Contemporary American culture, founded on the original material wealth of the continent, on its timber, ores, and furs, has become a culture that devours the earth. ... There are two schools of thought on how to rectify this high rate of consumption, which most Western thinkers agree is unsustainable and likely wrongheaded if not disastrous. First, there are technical approaches. No matter how sophisticated or innovative these may be, they finally seem only clever or artful adjustments, not solutions. Secondly, we can consider a change in attitude toward nature, adopting a fundamentally different way of thinking about it than we have previously had, perhaps ever had as human beings. The insight of aboriginal peoples are of inestimable value here in rethinking our relationships with the natural world; but the solution to our plight is likely to be something no other culture has ever thought of." - Barry Lopez, 'The Passing Wisdom of Birds', in Crossing Open Ground

The Gaia Hypothesis - Shaping the environment by life itself

Introduction to the Rice University campus

Rice Info - a directory of campus resources
Campus Tour - a good starting point
Campus maps - get your bearings
Clickable map - for more detail
Aerial photo of campus - bird's eye view
Facilities & Engineering - mainly personnel contacts
Food Services - yum!
Undergraduate Housing - home, sweet home
Environmental Health & Safety - be careful...

Other Facilities

Biosphere 2 - An engineered living environment

Air Pollution

USEPA Office of Air & Radiation - Info on urban air pollution, acid rain, air toxics, etc.
National Resources Defense Council Archives - Clean Air Act, data, etc.

Indoor Air Pollution

USEPA Indoor Air home page - Pollutants, sick building syndrome, etc.

Urban Environments

Urban National Forest Home Page/USDA - Effects of cities on forests
Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development - Urban resources, curent programs, etc.
US HUD Habitat II page - The City Summit, global effort toward sustainability
UN Development Programme Habitat II page - UN perspective on the 1996 City Summit
UN Division for Sustainable Development - UN programs
UN Population Info. Network - Urban population trends
City of Houston Home Page - Links to city services, etc.

Waste Management

USEPA Office of Emergency & Remedial Response - Superfund page
USEPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response - Solid waste management (a smelly topic)
Houston - Solid waste management department

Environmental Impact & Planning

Environmental Law - Cornell Univ. topic on environmental regulations
Council on Environmental Quality NEPA Net - Environmental protection act, impact statements

Other Interesting Sites

"The quickest door to open in the woods for a child is the one that leads to the smallest room, by knowing the name each thing is called. The door that leads to the cathedral is marked by a hesitancy to speak at all, rather to encourage by example a sharpness of the senses." - Barry Lopez, 'Children in the Woods', in Crossing Open Ground

LOVE 201 WWW links - A more general companion to this page
World Resources Institute Topical Index - Alphbetical index to many environmental topics
Center for Conservation Biology Network - Ecology, biodiversity & the environment
Environmental Center - Univ. of Colorado Environmental links
Exploring the Environment (ETE) - NASA's Environmental education
Remote sensing of the environment - ETE links to climate, oceanographic, etc. sensing
Environmental Hotlist - ETE selected internet sites
Envirolink - comprehensive Environmental information
Where You Live - current Environmental information by geographic area
USGS - Environment page
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - Environment information and lobby group

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