BAKE 303: Future and Ancient Environmental Systems
An inderdisciplinary perspective

Links to Arizona Geology & Water Resource Issues

Compiled by Bill Leeman

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Arizona Geology & Geography

Reading the landscape

DEM Shaded Relief Map of Arizona/USGS
Observing landscapes - an introduction
Colorado Plateau simulated stratigraphy
Grand Canyon Scenes

Geologic time

Geologic Time Scale
Relative Geologic Ages - a problem

General geology

Topographic Map of Arizona
Interactive Geologic Map of Arizona
Arizona Virtual Tourist
Tucson Mtns/Sauguero NM/Tucson Park
Windows to Arizona Geology
Meteor Crater aerial photo
Terrestrial impact structures
Impact cratering

Physiographic provinces

Arizona Geologic Provinces
Colorado Plateau
Basin & Range
Basin & Range province


Arizona volcanoes
Locations of volcanoes/ETE
Plate tectonics & heat flow/ETE
Volcanoes & Climate/ETE
Volcano World Home Page
Michigan Tech University Volcanoes Page
Cascades Volcano Observatory

Tectonic processes

Map of Seafloor Age
Tectonic Plates of the World
Global Topography
US Topography
World Seismicity
Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory (SASO)
S Calif Earthquake Data Center


Mining & Natural Resources of Arizona
Minerals of Arizona

Water Resources

Central Arizona Project - water resources
S. Arizona Water Resources
Land Subsidence/Arizona

More on Water Resources

Groundwater: The Hidden Water Supply/CA Dept Water Resources
Groundwater: Common Terms
Groundwater & Hydrologic Cycle/UCSC
Types of Porosity/Fig
Groundwater Flow/Fig
Aquifers & Wells/Fig
Hydrologic Cycle/Fig
World Water Supply/Depths & Residence Times/Fig
Reliance on Groundwater/Canada/Fig
Groundwater & World Fresh Water Supply/Fig
Groundwater Contamination/Fig
Sources of Contamination/Fig
Pollution in our surface waters
Groundwater-Nature's Hidden Treasure
World Wide Water
Hydrologists Home Page
Water Issues - Rocky Mountain Institute
US total water withdrawals/1990/3D
US Water Use Maps/USGS
Water Questions & Facts
Water Tidbits: Q & A
US Bureau of Reclamation
US Water Use Data/USGS
US Water Resources
US Water Resources/USGS

Land Subsidence

Land Subsidence from Groundwater Pumping
Land Subsidence/Mexico City/WRI
Las Vegas Groundwater Withdrawal & Subsidence
NW Houston Subsidence - news article
Groundwater Withdrawal/Houston/USGS
Land Subsidence/Texas Gulf Coast/Economic Effects, 1964
Belridge (CA) Oil Field Subsidence/Interferometry
Ground Subsidence/Pomona (CA)
Subsidence in the Geysers Geothermal Field
Cascadia Subduction Zone Slide Show
Combating Desertification & Desert Rehabilitation
Regional (Israel) Environmental Cooperation & Development
Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Health
Land Subsidence/maps: causes & damage estimates
Leaning Tower of Pisa


Lessons on Future Soil Use via Archeology
Slide Shows of Soil Resources/Shawnee Co. Conservation Dist., Kansas
Intro to Soils/Russel Briggs
General Soils 205/U Idaho
Earth 100/Penn State/Sue Brantley

Biosphere 2

Vegetation Zones of Mt. Lemmon - virtual fieldtrip
Summer Field Course at Biosphere 2

Parks, Forests, Public Lands

US National Forest Service
National Forests/clickable map for local detail
US National Park Service
National Parks of the American Southwest
US Bureau of Land Management

Other Interesting links

Earthshots/Satellite images of environmental change
Eco-Net Home Page
California Flood Info
Flood Observatory - Dartmouth
Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Health
Houston Environmental Foresight
Color Landform Atlas of US
National Geophysical Data Center/NOAA

Texas links

Galveston Bay On-line
USGS Research Programs in Texas
USGS Programs in Texas
DEM Shaded Relief Map of Texas/USGS
South-Central Texas Water Quality Assessment/USGS
Texas Water Resources Institute (Waternet)
Texas State Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD)
Texas Water/TPWD

Aquifer case studies

Edwards Aquifer - Home Page, Gregg Eckhardt
Edwards Aquifer Authority
Edwards Aquifer - Research & Data Center
Edwards Aquifer - other WWW links
Edwards Aquifer - info page w/ multimedia clips
Edwards Aquifer - slide show by George Rice
Edwards Aquifer - What is it?, Nisai Wanakule
Edwards Aquifer - history
Edwards Aquifer - water usage
Edwards Aquifer - avg annual pumpage
Edwards Aquifer - GIS figures (DEM, etc.)
Edwards Aquifer - USGS Bibliography
Edwards Aquifer - est. annual recharge
Edwards Aquifer - Barton Springs groundwater model/CRWR
Edwards Aquifer - a lumped parameter model

High Plains (Ogallala) Aquifer - INK web page
Ogallala Aquifer Depletion
Ogallala Aquifer - description by Pantex
Ogallala Aquifer - TWRI Report
High Plains Underground Water Conserv. Dist. No. 1
Water Conservation Experiments in High Plains
Sierra Club Home Page
Great North American Prairie Ecoregion/Sierra Club
Water/Vocal Point/Student views

Climate & Global Change

Societal Responses to Regional Climate Change
Changes in Mississippi River System
Global Change Course/Iowa State
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto Final Agreement (1997)
Intro to Science of Man-made Climate Change/IUCC
Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Simulations (PIRCS)
US Global Change Research Program - 1993 Report
UNEP Climate Change Fact Sheets
Global Warming & Climate Change Brochure/USGCRI
Global Climate Change Acronyms & Glossaries
IPCC Global Warming
Climate Change Scenarios/IUCC
Social & Political Implications of Climate Change/IUCC
Global Climate Maps/SD-Dimensions
National Climate Data Center
National Drought Mitigation Center
National Weather Service Links
CLIMVIS Global Summary/area-selectable/NOAA

Anthropological & Archeological Perspectives

Hohokam civilization

Ancient desert peoples: the Hohokam
Hohokam social organization
Hohokam agriculture & settlements
Hohokam settlement patterns
Hohokam technologies
Hohokam canals

Anasazi civilization

Anasazi site planning
Anasazi ruins of the southwest
Links to Anasazi ruins

Other Native Americans

Native Americans & the environment

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