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Ph.D.   University of Pennsylvania, Department of English, 1989.

B.A.     State University of New York at Binghamton, 1978.





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Book Reviews


Review of Libidinal Currents: Sexuality and the Shaping of Modernism, by Joseph Allen Boone.     Novel: A Forum on Fiction 32, no. 3 (1999): 446-48..


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Selected Papers


 "'I'm Not a Lesbian, I Just Loved Thelma': Lesbian Disavowal in Barnes and Woolf."  Modernist Studies Association, Philadelphia, PA, October 2000.


"Joyce and Lyotard."  Seventeenth International James Joyce Symposium, London, UK, June 2000.


"Elegiac Homoeroticism in T. S. Eliot's Early Poetry."  Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago, Il., December 1999.


"Joyce and Rushdie: Errancy in Midnight's Children."  James Joyce Conference, Charleston, S.C., June 1999.


"On Not Naming Names: Woolf's Refusal of Homosexuality."  Virginia Woolf Conference, Wilmington, D.E., June 1999.


"Duffy's Subjectivation: James Joyce's ‘A Painful Case’ and Judith Butler's The Psychic Life of Power."  Sixteenth International James Joyce Symposium, Rome, Italy, June 1998.


"Modernist Deviance: The Case of Joyce."  University of Amsterdam, June 1998.


"Angela's Ashes and Irish National Identity."  American Conference for Irish Studies, Columbia, S.C., February 1998.


"Molly Bloom as a Motherless Daughter."  Joyce Conference, University of Toronto, Canada, June 1997.


"Beyond Redemption: Irish Nationalism, Queer Nationalism."  American Conference for Irish Studies, Albany, N.Y., April 1997.


"T. S. Eliot and Literary Authority: Paternal Citations, Maternal Intertexts," T. S. Eliot Society Conference, St. Louis, Mo., September 1996.


"The Ethics of Queer Theory."  Conference on Literature and Ethics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, July 1996.


"'Settling Matters between Mother and Me': Modernist Matricidal Fantasies."  Fifteenth International James Joyce Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, June 1996.


"The Love of the Father: James Joyce and Flagellation." University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 1995.


"Queering the Canon."  Conference on the Practice of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 1995.


"Joyce and the English Vice."  James Joyce Conference, Brown University, Providence, R.I., June 1995.


"What Is a Lesbian Text?  The Example of Modern British Women Writers."  Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, Mass., April 1995. 


"Sexual Ambiguity in the Novels of Elizabeth Bowen."  American Conference for Irish Studies, Charleston, S.C., March 1995.  Also chair of panel, "Modernism and Irish Women."


"American Studies, Gay Studies."  JFK Institute, Free University of Berlin, Germany, June 1994. 


"Eumaean Perversion."  Fourteenth International James Joyce Symposium, Seville, Spain, June 1994.  Also chair of panel, "Joyce and Female Literary Authority."

            "Written on the Body: Jeanette Winterson's Postlesbian Fiction." Northeast Modern Language Association, Pittsburgh, Pa., March 1994. 


"Does the Irish Woman Poet Have a Homeland? The Case of Eavan Boland."  Modern Language Association, Toronto, Canada, December 1993. 


"'The End of Poetry for Ladies': James Joyce and T. S. Eliot." California Joyce Conference, Irvine, Calif., June 1993.  Also chair of panel, "Sexual Politics in Joyce."


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"Taking on the Phallus."  Unnatural Acts Conference, University of California, Riverside, Calif., February 1993. 


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"'I Just Loved Thelma': Sexual Denial in Barnes's Ladies Almanack."  Djuna Barnes Centennial Conference, University of Maryland, College Park, Md., October 1992.  Also chair of panel, "Sexual/Textual Denial in Djuna Barnes."


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"On Our Backs: Taking On the Phallus."  Modern Language Association Convention, San Francisco, Calif., December 1991. 


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"'The Perfect Lie': Proust, Sexuality, and Modernism."  Northeast Modern Language Association, Wilmington, Del., March 1989.


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"The Politics of Testimony in Feminist Discourse."  Northeast Modern Language Association, Providence, R.I., March 1988. 


"T. S. Eliot and the 'Woman' Problem."  University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1987. 


Honors and Awards


Fellowship, Center for Cultural Studies, Rice University, 1993 and 1999.

            Crompton-Noll Essay Award (co-winner) of the Lesbian and Gay Caucus of the Modern Language Association, 1992.

Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, 1987-88.

Fellowship to the School of Criticism and Theory, 1987.


Teaching Appointments


Associate Professor of English, Rice University, 1995-present

Assistant Professor of English, Rice University, 1989-95

Exchange Professor, University of the Saarland, Germany, 1991

Assistant Professor of English, Ohio State University, 1988-89


Courses Taught   (at Rice University)


            Joyce and Modernism: English 599

            Proust and Literary Theory: English 499

            Psychoanalytic Theory: English 598

            Finnegans Wake: English 512

            Fin-de-Siècle Literary Culture: English 412

            Queer Theory: English 498

            Lacan and Literary Theory: English 500

            Foucault and Deleuze: English 512                   

            Foucault, Deleuze, and Lyotard: English 599

            Poststructuralism and Feminist Theory: English 512                                                       

            Contemporary Issues in Literary Theory: English 499

            Twentieth-Century Irish Literature: English 457

            Joyce and Woolf: English 411              

            Sex, Gender, and Modernism: English 380

            Twentieth-Century British Fiction: English 346  

            British and American Modernism: English 412

            Twentieth-Century American Poetry: English 387

            Ezra Pound and American Modernism: English 411

            Pragmatism: English 402          

            British Literature from 1800 to Present: English 252

            American Fiction from 1910 to 1940: English 383 and 583


University Service  (at Rice University)


Study of Women and Gender Steering Committee, 2000-present

University Council, 1992-96.  Chair of Committee on Committees, 1994-96.

Admissions Committee, 1997-98.

English Department Graduate Committee, 1990-91, 1997-2000

English Department Undergraduate Committee, 1989-90, 1991-96.

Feminist Reading Group Coordinator, 1990-92, 1996-98.

Inquiries (Queer Theory) Study Group Coordinator, 1998-present.

English Department Library Liaison, 1996-97, 98-present.

English Department Speaker's Committee, 1996-97.

President's Council on Minority Affairs, 1994-95.

Commission on Women, 1994-95.

Committee on Salary Equity, 1994-95.

Fringe Benefits Committee, 1991-94.


Professional Activities


Conference Coordinator of the Third Annual Conference of the Modernist Studies Association, Rice University, October 2001.

Reader for Cambridge University Press, New York University Press, Signs, James Joyce Quarterly, and National Women's Studies Association Journal.

Director of Symposium on Perversions, the Center for Cultural Studies, Rice University, April 1993.

Chair of panel on Queer Modernism at the New Modernisms Conference, Modernist Studies Association, State College, PA, 1999.

Chair of numerous panels at national and international James Joyce Foundation symposia. 

Chair of panel on Modernism and Irish Women Writers at American Conference for Irish Studies (1995).

Chair of panels on Feminist Theory (1991), American Women Writers (1990), and Henry James (1989), at the Northeast Modern Language Association.





            French (reading); Dutch (speaking and reading); German (reading)