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LocNow readsShould read
  9Mother fields studyother fields of study
  9UThat they do provideThat they do provides
15Uchange of f in knife to v change the f in knife to v
20Tof articulatory phonetics acousticof articulatory phonetics and acoustic
21Tvowels. what we perceive asvowels. What we perceive as
30Mbut they do generallybut the latter do generally
32Tdis-tribute, re-distribut-ion-s distribute, distribution
32Twake-up call, the bottom line wake-up call, the bottom line
40U(as in well, I guess I'll go now) (as in well, I guess I'll go now)
47Babout four to six phonemes per syllable about one to six phonemes per syllable
54U Relationships of m/boy/ to its phonemes A phoneme in relation to morphemes
62UFigure 4-14Figure 4-12
62Uget to the point at its top;get to the point labeled 'go';
85Mlexical words (lexemes) but lexical words (lexemes), but
86Lfollowed by and Nounfollowed by a Noun
97Lsimple structure of Figure 6-7 simple structure of Figure 6-6
97Bwe do not want to posit anywe do not want to posit an
101Laccording to Figure 6-18according to Figure 6-17
105Uthere to thethere to the conceptual system
109Bbut not as naïve than thebut not as naïve as the
<126Lthen according to this hypothesis then, according to this hypothesis,
144Lsyntax syntactic constructions of lexemes syntax of lexemes
146Uand outer involvesand outer semantics involves
146Uto/from ideonections andto/from ideonections from/to
146Bdraw a distinction betweendistinguish
147UFigure 8-9Figure 8-10
147Lconsidering a severalconsidering several
151Tmultiple children in coming inmultiple children as coming in
153Mfor do to sofor to do so
156Min principalin principle
166L(2) understanding a it(2) understanding it
168Unection (Figure 11-1)nection (Figure 10-1)
173LFigures 8-5 and 8-9Figures 8-6 and 8-10
175BFigures 8-5 and 8-9Figures 8-6 and 8-10
177Unection in narrow network,nection in narrow notation,
183U(although 'Grammatical Production can be(although 'Grammatical Production' can be
184U cognitive subsystems if greatercognitive subsystems in greater
187Mat the right are various other nections at the right also are lines from other nections
190Lfrom their to its parentsfrom there to its parents
193LHerb CainHerb Caen
194Mexample of a experimentexample of an experiment
203Ldifferent from those ofdifferent from that of
204Bright away of one veryright away one very
205Bnot just as traveling thatnot just as traveling activation that
215U(new lexeme new concept(new lexeme or new concept
208Uin which lines of arein which lines are
214Mto A and D as a propertiesto A and D as properties
232Min which the stress in on in which the stress is on
232Tpeople who way itpeople who say it
239Laspect markers in language:aspect markers in language):
240Land we can seen thatand we can see that
242Mor when that were notor that were not
245Bwith than semological entity with that semological entity
258BIt's lines are allIts lines are all
259Usystemandsystem and
259Bthe chosen phonemic nection the chosen phonemic nections
265MAs soon atAs soon as
265L<Verb>-s With <Noun> <Verb>-s with <Noun>
270Tto use the work eatto use the word eat
271Mstop consonants provide most of their stop consonants, provide most of their
274UNotation also plays a roleAmbiguity also plays a role
274Upeople have had about generative grammar. For example, the notation system consists of rules,induced by the lexeme generative grammar. Its first meaning covers the rules,
274Uthat supposedly gets internalized in people is athat gets internalized in people (the second meaning) is a
276Lsack time, and so forth. sack time, and so forth (Ruhl 1979, 1989, 1990).
278Bdiscussed previously (Lamb 1966) discussed previously (Lamb 1966d)
284U(the function of the nection), (the distributive function of the nection),
286Uinterconnectivity of amonginterconnectivity among
289T(Chapter Seventeen).(Chapter Eighteen).
293Lit must also to meetin must also meet
295Lfrom and en- "in" and cephalon from en- "in" and cephalon
298Tsame can be said of the just cerebral same can be said of just the cerebral
299Uwith a yet more grooveswith yet more grooves
316Tfactor of five hundredfactor of two hundred
324Lof small diameter (30-50 mm)of small diameter (30-50 mm)
327U(2) and the blocking element,and (2) the blocking element,
327Bfaster that unmyelinatedfaster than unmyelinated
328Umostly reciprocal Burnod,mostly reciprocal. Burnod,
328Uas basic elements presentsas basic elements, presents
329Tand all the their latentand all their latent
329Mcenter of those above arecenter of those above is
330Lsufficient subset of which get activated sufficient subset get activated
332Tother points which all herother points which all together
335Mproperties of difference degrees properties of different degrees
347U(Figure 8-2).(Figure 8-3).
347Uintegrates information form the integrates information from the
347MAREA involved in maintaining AREA, involved in maintaining
352U(See Figure 16-4)(see Figure 16-4)
358Mand that make meand that makes me
361Bemitted by axons as they transmit action potentials, arising from electrical activity in cortical columns,
366Uintroduced with the thisintrocuded with this
381Ucognitive 'linguistics''cognitive linguistics'
381Lin wives"in wives")
389LBenson, D. Frank & Alfredo Ardila. Benson, D. Frank & Alfredo Ardila. 1996.

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