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Kinesiology Majors Club

NOTE: since the creation of the Sports Management Society, this website will not continue to be updated. For information on internships, graduate school opportunities, and other Kinesiology resources, please see the Resources page on the Kinesiology Department's website.

Mission Statement

KINESIOLOGY MAJORS CLUB was founded to promote educational awareness and career opportunities for kinesiology majors.


More details coming soon!


The Kinesiology Majors Club at Rice University.
  1. The name of this organization is "The Kinesiology Majors Club" (KMC).
  2. The purpose of this organization shall be as follows:
    • Provide a support network Kinesiology majors at Rice.
    • Provide awareness of the Kinesiology major at Rice University.
    • Provide information about occupational pursuits in the field of Kinesiology.
    • Establish a link between professionals and current Kinesiology students at Rice.
  3. Members of this organization shall be as follows:
    • Regular members: All students at Rice and their sponsors are eligible. At least one-half of the members must be members of the Rice community. The principle offers of each organization must be currently registered students at Rice University.
    • Honorary members: All other persons interested in joining the club (i.e. faculty members, alumni, students at other universities, etc.) are eligible.
  4. All decisions will be voted on by the regular members.
    In order to make or pass a decision, 51% of the organization's regular members present must vote in the affirmative.
  5. The executive committee will consist of the following:
    • The President (and/or Co-President)
      • Shall oversee all the meetings and activities, make sure that the organizations is abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the Student Association of Rice University.
      • In the case that a representative is needed, the President (and/or co-President) will represent the organization on it behalf except in the case where another member has been assigned by a vote according to the measure described in article IV.
    • The Secretary
      Shall be responsible for documenting all association paperwork and for distribution of the minutes from all the meetings.
    • The Treasurer
      Shall maintain a correct balance of the organization's funds, shall keep track of the checkbook of the organization, and who shall regularly make available a written breakdown of the income and expenses of the organization.
    • The presence of all other members of the executive committee is mandatory for all regular meetings.
  6. When necessary, special tasks can be assigned to members by vote according to the measures described in article IV, such as social coordinator.
  7. All money spent shall be discussed between executive committee members and faculty sponsor. The authority to sign checks shall be given to members of the executive committee, and two signatures shall be required for each check.
  8. Amendments to the organization's constitution can only be made by a vote according to the measure described in article IV.

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