Greek and Latin Morphemes in English Words

These are some Greek and Latin morphemes found in English words, in no particular order.

-ic A,N
-ize V
-y N
anthrop human
bio life
cac bad
chrom color
chron time
circum- around
cosm universe, order, ornament
de- in reverse, away, down
ecto- outside
endo- inside
extra- outside
gam marriage, sexual union
iatr treat, heal
idi individual, own
infra- below, after
inter- between, among
intra- within
log study, speak
macro- long, large
micro- small
mis- hate
morph shape, form
nom law, system
path feel, illness
peri- around, close
phil love, tendency
phon sound, speech sound
pol community, city, state
post- after, behind
pre- before
pseud false
psych mind, spirit
pyr fire, fever
supra- above, greater
theo god
top place
xen foreign
a-/an- not, without
anim mind, spirit, life
ab-/abs- from, away
-ary/-ory A, N
-ate N, A, V*
contra-/counter- against, facing
corp/corpor body, flesh
culp fault, crime
duc lead, draw, pull
-ence/-ance N
-ent/-ant A, N
fug flee
grat thankful, kind
greg gather
hom earthling, human
-ion N
-ive A, N
leg law, charge
liber weigh, consider
liter letter
mot move
nat source, birth, tribe
nov new
omni- all
-ous A
par beget, produce
per- through, bad
pet go, seek
petr rock
pot be able, powerful
pro- forward, for
prob test, find good
re-/red- again, back
sci know, discern
se-/sed- apart
sec cut, split
somn sleep
tempor time
ven come, bring
ver true
al/ol nurture, grow
am/im/amor love
ana- up, again, back
ann/enn year
ante-/anti- old, before
apec/apic tip
apt/ept fit, capable
bol/bl throw, extend
cap/cep/cip/cup take, contain
cata- down, away, back, opposite
cer/cre/cr separate, judge
cid/cis cut, kill
con-/co- together, with
cub/cumb lie down, remain
dei/div god, augury
dia- through, apart
equ/iqu even, level
erg/urg/org work
fac/fec/fic do, make
frag/frang/fring break
fus pour, melt, blend
gon/gen/gn birth, type, origin
hypo- under, below, partial
in-/en- in, into
men/mn think, mind
meta- beyond
noc/nec/nic/necr harm, death
-oid resembling [A, N]
para- beside, resembling
pond/pend hang, weigh, pay, consider
sacer/secr holy, priestlike
semen/semin seed
spec/spic look, see
sta/stat/stet/stit stand, condition
tat/teg/tig/tang/ting touch, feel
ten/tin hold, maintain
tom/tm cut
vic/vinc conquer
vor eat
zo animal
-ity N [name of quality]
-sis N [name of action or its result]
ad- to, toward
ag/ig act, do, drive
alt high
ambl walk, go
andr male, man
apo- away, from, off
arch first, govern
av bird, fly
cad/cas/cid fall
ced/ceed/cess go, let go
clud/clus to close
dog/doc teach
epi- on, over
ero physical love
esthet/esthes perceive, feel
eu well, good
ex-/e-/ec- out, away
grad/gred/gress step, go
heli sun
hetero- other, different
homo-/homeo- same
in- not
iso- equal
leg/lig pick, read
lic permissible, unrestrained
meso- middle
neo new, recent
ob- towards, against, down
phot/phos light
prag act, do
reg/rig rule, straight
sent/sens feel, think
sub- under, down, secondary
super- above, excessive
syn- with, together
tele far
ten/tend/tens stretch, thin
trans-/tra- across, through
trud/trus thrust
bell war
bi two
cens judge, assess
cent hundred, hundredth
cephal head
crat/crac govern
cur care
decem/decim/deca ten, tenth
dem people
demi half
di/dich/dy/du two
dipl double
fla blow
hecto/hecato hundred, many
hemi/semi half
hept/sept/septen seven, seventh
hex/sex six, sixth
kilo thousand
loc place
lumen/lumin light
man hand, handle
milli thousand(th)
mono one
myri countless, numerous, 10,000
noven/nona nine, ninth
octo/octav eight
pauc few
penta five
plur many, more
pol community, society
poly many
prim/prin first, foremost
proto first, earliest
quadr/quarter/quart four, fourth
quin/quint/quinqu five, fifth
sesqui one and a half, one half more
son sound
tetra/tessara four
tri/tris/trich/ter three
un one
vig/viginti/vic twenty
ac/acer/acerb sharp, tip, extremities
agr field
alb/albin white
aster star
aud hear
auto, tauto self, same
bath, bathy depth
bene/bon good, well
brach/brachy short
car/carn flesh
sli/cliv/slin lean, lie, bed
cre/cred believe, trust
crypt/cryph secret, hidden
dam/damn/dem/demn loss, harm
dec/dic/deic speak, point
dit/don/dot give
dos/dow/da/dat ?
dol/dolor suffer
flu/fluc/fluv flow, river
glosss/glot/glott tongue, speech
gn/gnos/gnor know
gyn/gynec woman, female
hes/her to stick hold back
hyd/hydr water
jus/jur judge, law, ritual
lith/lite stone
mega/megal great, million
misc/mix mix
nihil/hil nothing
ocl/ocell eye
pen/pun punish
ple/plec/plic fold, tangle
ple/plen full, many
pon/pos place, put
pug/pugn fist, fight
tach/tachy fast
tact/tax arrange, order
terr earth
vac/van empty
ver/verg/vers turn
viv/vit life
soror sister
spor scatter, seed
the place, put
uxor wife
val strong, useful
vac/vok speak, call, voice
al/all/allel other
card/cord heart, agree
cruc cross, important point
dec/decor acceptable
ed/es eat
fa/pha/phe speak, spoken of
fer/pher/phor bear, carry, send, bring
frater brother
ge earth
gem/gemin twin
ger old person
graph/gram write, record
juven young
lat carry
lig tie, bind
lign wood
loqu/locu speak
magn great, large
mater/metr mother, womb, surrounding stuff
myc fungus
noc/nyc night
nomen/onom/onomat/onym name
orth straight, correct
paleo old
pater father, country
ped/paed child, teach
ped/pod/pus foot
phyll leaf
phyt plant
pom fruit, apple
pred prey
rhizo root
sal/saul jump
salv/salu safe, healthy
aden gland
alg pain
aur ear
axill armpit
caud/doc tail
cervic neck, neck of uterus
cut skin
derm/dermat skin
gaster stomach
gravid pregnant
hem/em blood
hepat liver
hist body tissue
hyster womb, neurotic disorder
-ia land, state, medical condition
-it is inflammation
lab lip
lac milk
lacrim/lachrym tear, tear duct
laryng voice box, vocal cords
mamm breast
nas/nar nose
nephr kidney
-oma tumor, growth
op/ophthalm eye, see
os/osteo bone
os/or mouth, opening
phleb vein
phob fear
phylac guard
pne/pneum lung, respiration
pulmo lung
rhin nose
sarc flesh
scler hard
sep putrid, infected
stom mouth, opening
thromb clot
vas/ves blood vessel, duct
ven vein
ali wing
api bee
arachn spider
bov/bu/bos/bou cow, milk
chir hand
clam/claim cry out, call
clav key, locked
col live, inhabit, grow
curs/curr run
den/odon tooth
dendr/dr/dry tree
dyn power
ev age, time
formic ant
herp/herpet/serp creep, reptile
hor hour, time, season
ichthy fish
ly/lv/lu loosen, dissolve
mal/male bad
mant/manc prophesy
mun common, public, gift
naut/nav boat, seafaring
nul/null nothing
orn/ornith bird
ov/oo egg
ox/oxy sharp, sour, oxygen
phag eat
pithec ape
plac please, flat
pter feather, wing
rog ask, take away
sen old
som body
soph wuse, knowledge
strat stretch, level, layer
telo-/teleo- end, complete
trop turn

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