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Study Guide: Midterm #1 Review

Fall 2008

History of English

Old English (Anglo-Saxon)         Normans
Middle English                    Norman conquest
Early Modern English              Battle of Hastings
Present Day English (PDE)         Edward the Confessor
Celts                             Harold Godwinson
Romans                            William of Normandy (William the Conqueror)
Anglo-Saxons                      Norman French   
Beowulf                           Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
King Alfred (Alfred the Great)    William Caxton, printing press
Vikings, Danes                    Great English Vowel Shift  
Canute (Cnut)                     King James Bible       
Danelaw, Watling Street           colonialism 
[Ethelred the Unready]            Shakespeare
                                  standardization (of language, of spelling)
			          Noah Webster

Words in English
native                        synonyms          prescriptivism
borrowed                      polysemy          descriptivism
nativized, nativization	      homonyms          standard, nonstandard
loanword, borrowing           doublets          


morpheme                          compounds, compounding
root                              folk etymology                   
affix                             blending
prefix                            clipping                                  
suffix                            filler, linker morpheme 
inflection                        parse, parsing
derivation                        filler, linker morpheme
zero-derivation                   transparent, opaque morphemes
allomorphs, allomorphy            assimilation
ablaut                            metathesis
insertion                         deletion 
weakening                         rhotacism

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