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Midterm #1 Review

The first midterm was activated on Owlspace 28 September 2007, after class, and its accessibility ended Monday 1 October 2007 at 9:00 a.m. This and all exams for the class are under the Honor Code.

The midterms are a combination of T/F; multiple choice; fill in the blank; parsing; and possibly matching and short answers.

Words in English

word stock, vocabulary                nativized, nativization
size of English vocabulary            loanword, borrowing
word elements = morphemes             doublets
word structure                        synonyms, synonymy
study of word structure = morphology  homonyms, homonymy
stylistic choices                     polysemy               
formal vs. informal                   prescriptivism
genre choices                         standard, nonstandard (variety or form)
technical vs. non-technical           language change
writing vs. speech                    related languages
native                                parse
borrowed                              gloss
History of English
Old English = Anglo-Saxon (lg.)       Harold Godwinson
Middle English                        Battle of Hastings, 1066
Early Modern English                  Norman conquest
Present Day English (PDE)             Normans 
Celts (Britons)                       William of Normandy (William the Conqueror)
Romans                                Domesday Book
Anglo-Saxons                          Norman French
Beowulf                               Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
King Alfred (Alfred the Great)        William Caxton, printing press
Vikings, Danes                        Great English Vowel Shift  
Canute (Cnut)                         King James Bible       
Danelaw                               Shakespeare
Watling Street                        colonialism 
Ethelred the Unready                  standardization (of language, of spelling)
Edward the Confessor                  Noah Webster

Other ideas and things to know:  
general concept: layers of loanwords
examples of loanwords from various languages
typical forms of loanwords from various languages
approximate dates of the periods of the English language


simplex word                          filler, linker morpheme 
complex word                          inflection
syllable                              derivation, derivations
morpheme (= morph)                    compounding, compounds
 'smallest unit of meaning/function'  acronym
root                                  back formation
affix                                 zero-derivation (= conversion)
prefix                                blending, blends
suffix                                clipping, clippings
parse, parsing                        folk etymology                   

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