Words in English
Linguistics/English 215
Prof. S. Kemmer

Extra Credit Projects

Below are some possible extra credit projects for Ling 215. If you have another idea for a particular project, see me and we can work out in advance what the expectations are.

Points listed for each project translate directly into percentage points on a 100-point grading scale for the entire course. Maximum extra credit points that can be earned: 6.

Extra credit points earned are added to your final total point score for the course. (So the total possible points earnable in the course is 106).

Extra credit must be completed by arrangement with me, before the end of finals week.

Before embarking on a web project, look at the information in the following two links, which lay out the basic academic standards for these activities. These matters fall under the Honor Code, as well as being part of the professionally accepted academic standards that prevail at the university level.

  • Using Web Sources: Basic Academic Standards

  • Creating Web Materials: Basic Academic Standards; Copyright Issues

  • I. Learning a Passage of Old or Middle English

    1. Learn the first 19 lines of Beowulf by heart.

    2. Learn the first 34 lines of Geoffrey Chaucer's General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales by heart. If you already once memorized it, then choose another passage equivalent in length (e.g. the beginning of one of the Tales).

    For this project, I will provide you with a printed version of the relevant text, and a tape of each text will be made available in the Language Lab, stored in the Lab's center office, under Ling 215. You can check out the tape if you want to make a copy for yourself for practice at home, while jogging, or whatever.

    Your task after memorizing the passage will be to (a) recite it to me privately at an arranged time or (b) recite it to the class (both from memory).

    Maximum points for (a): 4.5, for (b): 5.0

    II. Historical Web Materials

    Create some web materials for the historical part of the course. For example, write some text about some topic like The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the Vikings, Old English literature, Old Norse literature, Germanic art, Celtic art in Britain, the Norman Conquest, the story of Alfred the Great, England at the time of some fictional or legendary characters like Ivanhoe or Robinhood, or historical characters like Chaucer or Shakespeare. (Write in an accessible style, but reference your sources, so the site will be academically useable.) Add links to relevant sites and embellish your text with graphic enhancements (pictures, buttons etc.) that make the site attractive and functional.

    Cooperation is encouraged. If any group efforts develop, let me know so I know what topics are being worked on. Each person should keep track of what part of the materials they produced.

    When finished, your materials will be linked up with the course web page in an appropriate fashion, with your name given as the author.

    Maximum points: 5.0

    III. Mini-Project on Some Aspect of English Words

    Investigate in more detail some aspect of English words and enter your findings as a web-accessible (HTML-formatted) report. (If your text is printed out, it should come to 7-10 pages of text; more if graphics take up text space). Include a bibliography. As above, write accessibly and embellish your site with links and graphics to make it maximally appealing to word-curious websurfers.

    Here is a list of possible mini-projects.

    When finished, you supply me with the web location of your mini-project and I will link it up with the course materials, with your name given as the author.

    Maximum points: 5.0

    IV. Contributing Word Journal entries to Group Web Database.

    Input your word journal entries into the class database via a web form. You do not need to know html to do this; the coding is automatic when you enter the data.

    The address of the form for entering the data is: http://dacnet.rice.edu/projects/ling215/wordjournal/

    Maximum points: 1.0

    © 2001 Suzanne Kemmer