Linguistics 554 Seminar in Semantic Theory
Suzanne Kemmer
Fall 2008

Course requirements

For students taking the course for credit:

For those who wish to pursue a topic you are already writing a paper on for other program purposes, e.g. a qualifying paper, see me to see how they can be integrated if you want or need credit for this course. There are different possibilities for integrating the work. For example, sometimes the same data set can be used and analyzed using different frameworks or from different perspectives, or a subpart of the data you collected could be 'zoomed in on' for a somewhat more in-depth analysis in a course paper that is smaller than a qualifying paper.

The ultimate aim will be a paper that can be used as a qualifying paper or the basis of a conference paper or publication.

For those students who want to have the course on your transcript as a course you audited:

Participants need to sign up either as credit students or as auditors.

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