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We are located in...

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Dell Butcher Hall, Rice University

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Scenes from our lab...(Click for larger image)

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Equipment Within Our Lab:

Nicolet FTIR Spectrometer

Perkin-Elmer TGA  & DSC
Shimadzu UV-vis-NIR SPectrometer Agilent GC-MS and Hewlett-Packard Gas Chromatograph
Polymer Laboratories GPC Perkin-Elmer HPLC
PE Luminescence Spectrometer Cyclic Voltammeter
Two Ellipsometers Edwards Metal Evaporator
Glove Box Vacuum Ovens
Nikon Wafer-Inspection Microscope with Probes Atlas HVUL-94 Flame-Test Station
Brabender Polymer Mixer SGI Workstation
Rotory evaporators (6) Fraction Collectors (5)
Photochemical Reaction Chamber 12-ton Carver Hydraulic Press
Parr Hydrogenation Apparatus Desert Cryo Probe Station and Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

Department NMR Facility...

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Current Departmental NMR Facilities Include: Bruker 200, 250, 400 and 500 MHz NMR Spectrometers
 Other Departmental Instrumentation:
Finnigan MAT 95 High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer Bruker BiFlexIII MALDI Mass Spectrometer
SQUID Magnetometer Rigaku AFC5 single crystal x-ray diffractometer
Bruker SMART 1000 CCD System x-ray single crystal characterization spectrometer Several FTIR Spectrometers
Several UV-vis Spectrometers Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer
HP Gas Chromatograph Ozonator

CNST Instrument Room...
UHV-STM UHVSTM.jpg (56289 bytes)
Scanning Probe Miscroscopes AFM.jpg (55344 bytes)

Philips XL30 ESEM with EDAX Detector:

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Other CNST Instrumentation:

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