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My name is Karel Jankovsky and I work at Rice University, Houston, Texas as DBA. I have worked at Rice for the past 4 years.

I can be reached at:
(713) 285-5421
(713) 527-.... (Fax)

My email address is

My hobbies are sports (soccer, tennis and swimming) and stamp collecting. I like to travel but ... it is too expensive right now.

Some pictures are shown here JPEG first and GIF second:

image is shown here This is a picture of Matthew, Tiger and I outside an old church door! This picture was taken by Nicholas and as one can see it is quite a nice picture. The old church door has many horse shoes nailed to the door itself. It was beli eved that the horses would be well once the shoe was placed on the door!
image is shown here This is a picture of Matthew and Nicholas on the beach somewhere!!! They are having fun as we all can see. It apprears that there are some rocks that they are sitting on. This was taken around lunch time so the sun is directly over head.
image is shown here image is shown here

I am married with two kids (Matthew and Nicholas) both of whom are still at school. At work I work with Oracle database software using the Banner system.

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Things/places I would like to do/see/try:

  1. See Rockets win

  2. Visit China

  3. do this item

  4. try this ...

  5. see Olympic games

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