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Jones Student Association

The Jones Student Association (JSA) was organized in 1979 to represent the student body of the Jones School and to provide a forum for student input on curriculum, faculty, and administrative matters. In addition, the JSA serves as a focal point for such student-related activities as appointing students to various school and university positions, assisting in the orientation of new students; organizing social and athletic activities, and  providing liaison with alumni of the Jones School and with the business community.
Justin Manford and Louisa Keyes

Asian Business Students Association (ABSA)

The purpose of the Asian Business Students Association (ABSA) is to promote camaraderie, learn from, and share with Asian students at the Jones school of business. The primary target member group consists of those who are Asian, come from Asian American decent, or have experience, whether life or work, in Asia or Asian cultures.  All other students of Jones school are certainly welcome to join to share and learn as well.
James Chao and Calvin Chen

Asset Management Club

The Asset Management and Research Club provides networking and career development opportunities for MBA students interested in asset management and research related careers. Through various events, members  learn about the investment management industry and improve the school's exposure by forming and building relationships with investment management firms.
Chris Boley and Alasdair Pullan

Black Graduate Students Association

The BGSA provides a professional, informative, and social network for graduate students of African heritage in order to insure their retention and continued academic success at Rice University. The BGSA serves as a link to the greater Black community in Houston and surrounding areas while increasing awareness and appreciation for Black history through educational, cultural, and social programming on campus.
Stephen Finley

Central Charity Challenge

The Central Charity Challenge is a friendly competition between top business schools to encourage students to assist local and national charities, to give back to the community, and to aid in interschool camaraderie. Some of the activities at Rice include the Monte Carlo Night, food drives, Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, and the CCC Olympics. The After-School All-Stars is a charitable beneficiary that “provides opportunities for inner-city youth to participate in sports, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs; to build confidence and self-esteem; to encourage youth to say “no” to gangs, drugs and violence and “yes” to hope, learning and life.”
Vanessa Schulte

Consulting Club

With the goal of providing networking opportunities for students interested in a career in consulting, the Consulting Club sponsors various workshops, panel discussions, and speakers on campus.
Andy Shih

Energy Club

The Energy Club was founded to give interested students a forum to learn more about the energy industry and to facilitate interaction between students, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.  Because the Jones Graduate School of Management is located in  Houston, the heart of the energy industry, the Energy Club has endless resources and possibilities for its members.  The Energy Club is dedicated to establishing and strengthening ties to all aspects of the energy industry, including oil and  gas, power, utilities, chemicals, refining, merchant energy, and sustainable resources.
Ben Shields

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club was created to engage  students in educational and networking opportunities. The goal of this club is to increase student knowledge of entrepreneurship opportunities and to prepare students for this career.
Derrick Hinton

Finance Club

The Finance Club engages in educational and  networking activities that underscore the challenging finance curriculum. The  club exposes students to leaders in financial careers, workshops on entering  specific fields, and the annual networking trip to New York, where established  Wall Street contacts initiate the interviewing process for first years. Club members also have opportunities to apply their finance abilities, both in the  locally-hosted Risk Competition and invitational finance competitions.
Michael Swail

Rice Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)

Founded in 2001, the Rice Graduate Women in  Business (GWIB) is dedicated to supporting the careers of graduate women in business by providing increased opportunities for networking and mentoring with  professionals committed to advancing women's role in business. Rice GWIB also hosts several events throughout the year, including an annual conference in the spring that explores issues affecting women in business.
Meera Naehr

Graduate Women in Business (GWIB), National Headquarters

Graduate Business Women was founded in 1979 at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit organization. The founders believed that an organization was needed to deal with  the issues women faced in business and which would be dedicated to the education  and promotion of women in business. The restructuring of the corporate world as management dynamics changed rapidly with the arrival of women into the workforce was also of concern to the organization.

Still committed to these principles, the (renamed) Graduate Women in Business (GWIB) is now headquartered at the Jones School. Having assumed responsibility for the administration of the national organization, the Headquarters Committee is managing the development of the  National Headquarters into an effective administrative and service center for  its membership. Five students are elected each year to serve on this committee.
Kimberly Brown

Healthcare and Biotechnology Club

The club provides networking and career development opportunities for the MBA student interested in the healthcare or biotechnology industries. Invaluable opportunities are available for networking at the annual Healthcare/Biotechnology Symposium. This past year's events include panelists with healthcare/biotechnology leaders within Houston and surrounding areas.
Karen Andersen

The Hooter

The Hooter student newspaper is a forum for Jones  School graduate students and faculty. All opinions and statements are welcome.  Off-beat and edgy, the newsletter gives student an opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns, and fun-loving digs on their classmates and professors.
Chewy Redding

International Management Club (IMC)

IMC's objectives include educating Rice students about international business and cultural practices, furthering career prospects for international management students and increasing networking opportunities in the United States, and increasing awareness of work opportunities in foreign countries.
Harold Bernard

Jones Family Group

The purpose of the Jones Families group is to gather the Jones students and their families, so they, their spouses, and their children can meet, make friends, and have a nice time together.  All are welcome.

Marketing Club

A networking forum for students interested in pursuing marketing careers upon graduation, the Marketing Club works to enhance students' knowledge of marketing and the many possibilities of marketing careers.
Sunaina Ocalan and Alan Chen

Jones School Policy Group

The Policy Group will provide current and future Jones School candidates’ the opportunity to learn, discuss, and think about the critical intersection of the public sector, public policy, and politics, with the private sector and business education in general. We will enable our members to gain critical insight into the relationship between business and government, as well as enhancing their understanding of the legislative, regulatory and legal issues facing business today.
Thamer Aidi

Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club was founded to provide  students with an opportunity to learn more about the various career opportunities within the real estate industry. The club facilitates networking opportunities throughout the year and each module the club hosts speakers from different real estate fields on campus.
Burdette Huffman

Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

Our mission is twofold: To create a forum for exchange and collaboration among the business, engineering, and science communities. We aim to be a vehicle for education of, and advice to, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of new technology business concepts--culminating in new jobs and new sources of wealth for Rice, Houston, and the US. economy.

The Alliance Has Five Strategic Goals

  • Enhance interdisciplinary educational opportunities at Rice.
  • Enhance the ability to recruit top faculty and students.
  • Facilitate placement of Rice graduates in attractive employment positions.
  • Identify and nurture business opportunities created by Rice innovators.
  • Expand financial assets of Rice through new sources of revenue generation.

The Sports & Entertainment Club

The organization was established to create opportunities of tapping into a network of students interested in sports, entertainment, and/or media industries.  Throughout the year the club coordinates events with speakers, conference calls, meetings, trips, and gatherings for information and networking in related industries both locally and nationally.  In addition, a support link has been established between Jones and other Rice alumni and current students both in and outside of the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management.
Dright Burks

Technology Club

Serving its members by educating them about the value of technology in the workplace, the Technology Club also provides  networking relationships for members who want to become involved with the IT  profession.
John Combs


The Toastmasters provide a positive and supportive learning environment in which members develop communication and leadership skills.  Both novices and experienced public speakers have the opportunity to practice and improve their presentation skills in a friendly, fun, and constructive environment.
Manny Chana

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