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Rice Psychology Department

The Psychology Departmentís Website Here at Rice


Website for posting and signing up to participate in experiments at Rice (can only be used by Rice Faculty and Students)


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Rice Cognitive Sciences Faculty

Access the Websites of the Faculty Members that Make up the Cognitive Sciences Program Here at Rice


Cognitive Tea Seminar Schedule

Schedule for the weekly cognitive and cognitive neuroscience seminar

Psychonomic Society

Website of the Psychonomic Society, which is on of the premier societies for general scientific experimental psychology in the U. S.



An annual conference drawing cognitive psychologists from the Southwest region of the United States


Cognitive Aging Conference

Website of the biennial Cognitive Aging Conference

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Teagle Foundation

Website of the Teagle Foundation, which aims to strengthen liberal education in the U. S.


Other Links of Interest

Southwest Psychological Association (SWPA)

Website of the regional society, which hosts an annual meeting in the southwestern United States.

Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC)

Website of SARMAC, which often hosts a biannual meeting that typically occurs internationally.