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Members of the Hartgerink research group

Jeffrey D. Hartgerink

Prof. Hartgerink earned an A.B. in Chemistry and Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in 1993. Under the guidance of Prof. John Taylor he learned most of what he knows about organic synthesis and learned to love the interface between chemistry and biology. From Washington University he went to The Scripps Research Institute where he continued to balance between chemistry and biology under Prof. Reza Ghadiri. It was there that Jeff became infatuated with the idea of self-assembly and, more generally, supramolecular chemistry. After graduating in 1999, Jeff moved to Northwestern University to work as a postdoc in Prof. Samuel Stupp's laboratory. There he continued to pursue his interest in self-assembly at the interface of chemistry and biology while adding a new dimension of materials science. In 2002 Jeff began his independant research career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Rice University. In 2008 he was promoted to Associate Professor and in 2013 he was promoted to full professor.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Vivek Kumar: Joined lab in October 2012.
Dr. John Colombo: Joined lab in January 2013.

Current Graduate Students

Abhishek Anan: Joined lab in August 2009.
Marci Kang: Joined lab in August 2010.
Biplab Sarkar : Joined lab in August 2010.
Amanda Acevado-Jake: Joined lab in August 2011.
Charya Wickremasinghe: Joined lab in August 2011.
Katie Jochim: Joined lab in August 2012.
Amanda Moore: Joined lab in August 2012.

Current Undergraduate Students and Others

Nicole Taylor, joined lab in January 2013.

Hartgerink Group Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

Ho-Wook Jun, 2004-2006, now associate professor of bioengineering at University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Former Graduate Students:

Lesley R. O'Leary: Joined lab in June 2007, defended Ph.D. in December 2011, was 1/2 time postdoc from January-December 2012.
Jorge Fallas, 2007-2012. left for postdoctoral fellowship at Univ. Washington with Prof. Baker.

Erica Bakota, 2007-2011, now research scientist at the USDA, Peoria, IL.

Kerstin Galler, 2006-2009, now Assistant Professor at the University of Regensburg, Germany.

Fang Wei, 2004-2009, left for postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Junghae Suh, Rice University.

Lorenzo Aulisa, 2004-2009, now research scientist at Dow Chemical.

Varun Gauba, 2004-2008, left for postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Peter Schultz, Scripps Research Institute.

Virany Yuwono, 2003-2008, left for postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Lee Penn, Univ. Minnesota.

He Dong, 2003-2008, left for postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Chaikof, Emory, then Prof. Ting Xu, U.C. Berkeley, now Assistant Professor at Clarkson University.

Sergey E. Paramonov, 2002-2006, left for postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. Jean Frechet, UC Berkeley.

Former Undergraduate Students:

Lyahn Hwang, 2012-2013
Ignacio Calles, 2012 Nicole Garcia, 2010-2011
Michael Lam, 2011
Michael Lee, 2011
Brynnan Webster, 2010-2011 Julie Verdi, 2008
Molly Beernink, 2007
Leah Witus, 2004-2007, now graduate student at UC Berkeley.
Nick Patchet, 2006 - 2007
Leslie McAhren, 2003-2004
Sean McCudden, 2005-2006

Former RETs: Chrsitopher Williams (2012)
Alvenia Chambliss (2011)
David Tetteh (2010)