English 511: Pedagogy

Spring, 1999
Rice University
Dr. Jane Chance

Meeting Time 12-1 MON

3 hrs. credit


This course is designed to introduce graduate students to teaching literature and composition at Rice. The final product will be a syllabus, including reading list, text selection, reading and writing assignments, and course requirements, with each of these discussed weekly in the seminar. I'm interested at the moment in theoretical issues as they relate to teaching (specifically, teaching literature and writing)--the politics of the classroom, authority, disciplinariety, interdisciplinarity, gender and ethnicity, style and civility, and the canon/decanonization in so far as they intersect the teaching of this particular course. Readings are designed to spur dialogue on the specific topic and aid graduate students in coming to terms with that weekís assignment. Final Grade will be based on completion of the syllabus and participation in the weekly seminars.


Final Course Syllabus Due

Reading List

(in order of reading) (starred items have been ordered and are available at the Bookstore): These will be available for photocopying at Rayzor 307.

Office Hours:

Tuesday 2:30-4 pm 301 Rayzor and by appointment jchance@rice.edu; 527-8101 x 2625; home 524-3304; fax 285-5991 http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~jchance

CONFERENCES: Office Hours 2:30-4 Tuesday and by appointment Office 301 Rayzor Hall Office Phone X2625 Dept. Secty. 527-4840 Fax: 524-3304 e-mail: jchance@rice.edu

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