10:50-12:05 TTH




Geoffrey Chaucer, The Riverside Chaucer, ed. Larry D. Benson (Oxford, 1988), pb. 0192821091 Used $42.50 PR1851 .B46 1987

Cassette Recording, The General Prologue, by Paul Thomas (Provo: The Chaucer Studio, 1994). 

Robert P. Miller, ed. Chaucer: Sources and Background (Oxford, 1977), pb., 0195021673 $29.95 PR1912 .A2 C48

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, trans. V.E. Watts (Penguin), pb. $11.16 0140447806 B659.C2 E59 1969

            Geoffrey Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde, trans. Nevill Coghill (Penguin, rpt. 1995) $9.95   0140442391PR1870 .A1 C63 1977




Th Jan. 13   Introduction: “To Rosemounde”


Tu  Jan. 18  Chaucer's Short Poems: "Gentilesse," "Truth"

Th  Jan. 20  "Envoy a Scogan," "Envoy a Bukton"


Tu  Jan. 25  "Complaint to His Purse"       Short Paper #1 Due

Th  Jan. 27  Book of the Duchess

                   Read Macrobius, from the Commentary on the Dream of Scipio, in Miller, pp. 44-52


Tu  Feb.  2  Read Ovid, “Ceyx and Alcyone,” from the Metamorphoses, in Miller, pp. 106-12

                         And Andreas Capellanus, from The Treatise on Love, “Distinctions concerning Love” and “The Rules of Love,” in Miller, pp. 291-99

Th  Feb. 4 General Prologue to the CT: Introduction and Retraction to the Canterbury Tales

                  Listen to the General Prologue on tape


Tu  Feb. 9  The Knight: Read Geoffroi de Charny, from The Book of Chivalry: “The Making of a Knight,” in Miller, pp. 166-68; Rámon Lull, from The Book of the Order of Chivalry, on “The Origins and Purpose of Chivalry,” and “The Office of Knighthood,” in Miller, pp. 180-86

Th  Feb. 11 The Monk, The Prioress, The Friar, The Clerk, The Parson

                 Read: Ovid, from The Art of Love, Advice to Women, in Miller, pp. 282-86

                 John Gower, from Vox Clamantis, on The Clergy, in Miller, pp. 215-228, 264-68


Tu  Feb. 16             The Wife of Bath, the Merchant, the Miller, the Reeve

                 Read Ovid, from Amores, on “The Lover’s Warfare,” in Miller, pp. 286-88            

Th  Feb. 18  The Summoner, the Pardoner, the Host, and Chaucer the Pilgrim


Tu  Feb. 23                                                 Short Paper #2 Due

Th  Feb. 25                 Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Books 1-3


Tu  Mar. 1  Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Books 4-5

Th  Mar. 3  Knight’s Tale, Part One

                   Read: Giovanni Boccaccio, from the Teseide, “Emilia appears to Palemon and Arcita,” in Miller, pp. 323-28  

Fr   Mar. 4  Mid-term Exam due at 9 A.M. 


Tu Mar.  8  Spring Break

Th Mar. 10 Spring Break


Tu Mar. 15 Knight’s Tale, Part Two and Three

                 Read: Giovanni Boccaccio, from the Teseide, “Arcita’s Prayer to Mars,” “Gloss: The Temple of Mars,” “Gloss: The Temple of Venus,” in Miller, pp. 329-43

Th Mar. 17 Knight’s Tale, Part Four


Tu Mar. 22 Miller’s Tale

Th Mar. 24             Reeve’s Tale   

Tu Mar. 29 Wife of Bath's Prologue

                 Read: Bartholomaeus Anglicus, from The Properties of Things, on “Husband and Wife,” in Miller, pp. 385-87; Miller,on “The Antifeminist Tradition,” pp. 399-402, Theophrastus, from The Golden Book on Marriage, in Miller, pp. 411-14; and St. Jerome, from The Epistle Against Jovinian, in Miller, pp. 415-36

Th Mar. 31                 Wife of Bath's Tale 


Tu Apr.   5   Clerk's Tale                            

                    Read Petrarch’s Story of Griselda, in Miller, pp. 137-52           

Th Apr.   7   Spring Recess 


Tu Apr. 12  Merchant's Tale

Th Apr. 14  Franklin's Tale                           Short Paper #3 Due

                 Read Giovanni Boccaccio, from Il Filocolo, “The Question of Menedon and Fiammetta’s Opinion,” in Miller, pp. 121-35


Tu Apr. 19  Troilus and Criseyde, Book 1 (in translation)

Th Apr. 21  Troilus and Criseyde, Book 2 & 3


Tu Apr. 26  Troilus and Criseyde, Book 4 & 5

Th Apr. 28  Conclusions

Fr  Apr 29   Exam on Second Part of the Course is Due: 9:00 A.M.


May 5 @12 noon—Take-home exams and self-scheduled exams (and revisions) are due




1. Several short (2-5 pp.) papers, any of which can be revised for a possible higher grade

2  Take-home Honor-Code bound e-Midterm and Final Examinations


Papers: 50% of your grade; Exams: 50% of your grade. Participation (which is required) enhances final grades.


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