Our conclusion from everything we learned in this projects, is all based on the information we obtained. We have summarized everything we have learned into 3 basic inferences that can be controlled on an average basis, to a certain extent. The first and most important inference is Caramelization, which can be controlled by reducing the temperature and amount of time a certain food is cooked. The second inference is the free radical problem, which can, as to our knowledge be somewhat controlled by consuming foods which contain any form of antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables. The third and final inference is to keep your body fit, by involving yourself in physical activities, which overall improves the human body. Scientists around the world are working on various theories that may cause great or little improvements in the human body, which in turn, will supposedly slow down the aging process. So far the only problem that scientists have not been able to slow down what so ever, is the problem of telemeres shortening after each cell duplicates on the end of a chromosome. The other two most common theories for the aging process, involve the Caramelization and Free Radical problems, which scientists have only now found ways in which these problems can be slightly slowed down, but not prevented. All in all the main keys to aging have not been solved, but some might say that we’re better off that way