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Mission Statement & Role

Ideas to Investing will serve to provide an opportunity for students to learn real-life investment skills outside of their academic studies.


  1. To provide a hands-on educational opportunity to students in investing and finance through researching stocks, building and managing initially virtual stock portfolios. Other educational activities such as workshops and discussions will also serve as vehicles to learning the process. Speakers will be invited to club meetings where possible.
  2. To provide members resources, or references to resources for investing.
  3. To aid students in their preparation for finance and investment-related careers.
  4. To foster a general interest in the financial markets and investments throughout the Rice community, and to provide an opportunity to meet others who are already interested in investing individually and in groups
  5. To host virtual portfolio competitions among members who wish to compete within Rice or against groups outside of the Rice community.
  6. To host regular (weekly or fortnightly) meetings for members to present and discuss their research findings since the previous meetings.
  7. To open channels of communications between members and volunteer advisors for investment advice.
  8. To educate members on using research/news programs such as Bloomberg.
  9. To allow members to raise questions in an open-forum environment, and provide an environment conducive to answering their questions.