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Please Support Ideas to Action

Ideas to Action is entirely dependent on donations and grants to sustain itself. We are not allocated a yearly budget by the university and are responsible for generating 100% of our budget.

We have extremely high operating costs. A large speaker event usually costs $1500 with advertising, food, room and gift expenses.

Our Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, Dinners Series, and Investment Group also require us to raise a significant amount of money.

If You Are An Entrepreneur:

Think back to when you were in college and how you could have used the assistance that we are providing to students. Our officers receive no compensation. 100% OF YOUR DONATION GOES TO HELP STUDENTS.

If You Are a Rice Alumnus or Houston Community Member:

Hundreds of students at Rice are interested in entrepreneurship but do not have adequate resources to pursue an idea. Ideas to Action provides students with this opportunity. Many of our members have commented that hearing the inspirational stories of our entrepreneurial speakers has led to their changing their careers.

We appreciate your support!

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