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Past Dinners

Young Entrepreneurs Dinner (November 30, 2006)

Think you're too young to start your own business? Think again.

These days, success as an entrepreneur is not proportional to your age and work experience, and some young people are finding that there isn't a better time to pursue entrepreneurship.

It takes guts to strike it out on your own when so many of your friends have entered the corporate world, so ITA has sought out the young entrepreneurs from Rice to tell us their motivation for starting their own businesses so soon out of college.

For this dinner, Rice alums Emmie Chang and Eddie Chu discussed the challenges and rewards of starting their businesses straight out of Rice over a delicious meal at Shiva's restaurant in Rice village.

Upcoming End-of-Semester Dinner

To celebrate all of our hard work, we're hosting another banquet. We have not yet confirmed how many open spots we will have available, so please check our reservations page in the near future for announcements. Note: Space is limited and spots will sell out fast!

We are hosting this dinner at the residence of ITA officer Neha Gupta, and we have invited successful Houston entrepreneur and Jones School graduate Bryan Emerson to come speak.

Currently, the dinner is scheduled for April 30th, 2006.