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Looking Ahead: the 2007-2008 School Year

Here at Rice classes have just started and ITA is planning a semester of exciting events, activities, and programs. While we're always experimenting with new programs and trying to improve existing ones, we have remained an all student, all volunteer organizer since ITA's inception.

Fortunately, this year we continue to have a strong team of dedicated officers, but we are always looking for more to bring in new ideas and help flesh out old ones. Therefore, we invite all interested Rice students to consider joining ITA as an officer.

In exchange for their efforts, ITA officers enjoy many benefits, including:

Please feel free to email us at ita@rice.edu with a subject line beginning with [ITA] if you have any questions or would like to sit in on one of our organizational meetings. Take a look around our website, and tell us if you see any programs that you like.

We will be posting many more updates soon, particularly to our committee pages, and you'll have a opportunity to see the new faces running and contributing to these committees.

For everyone else: we would like to stress that though we are a Rice student organization, our activities are open to the Houston community at large, and that without the assistance of notable outside organizations and individuals, these activities would not be possible.

Ending the 2006-2007 School Year:

The 2006-2007 school year was a period of enormous growth and change for ITA. We refined our mission and vision to become a true entrepreneurial organization as opposed to an umbrella business organization, and all of our activities have since fallen in line with philosophy. However, we still retained the achievements of previous years, notably the Events and Dinners with Business Gurus programs, and built on them with the Acton MBA Event and Young Entrepreneurs Dinner in the Fall, and Entrepreneurship Week in the Spring. In addition, we introduced the Roundtables program and the Weiss 290 Entrepreneurship Course, the first steps toward building a solid entrepreneurial community at Rice. Finally, through all of these programs we have strengthened our ties with outside organizations, particularly the Rice Alliance, and without their generosity many of our accomplishments would not be possible.

Please see the individual committee pages to find out more about our activities last year.