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Rice Resources

The following information about Rice University is intended to help prospective students and their families with college decisions.

Rice consistently ranks among the top-tier American universities in newsstand college guides. But your college choice must be guided by your own criteria and your own comparisons, so check other universities' websites to compare their information with ours.

From our data, you'll discover attributes we value here, such as a deliberately small (about 2,880) undergraduate student body, a 2004 endowment-per-student ratio of $694,377 (among private research universities, only those of Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Stanford are greater), small classes, and the success of our graduates. Our publications and website provide more details about the important research done here, our great faculty, and the (non-Greek) residential college system.

The following information should prove useful to you. But if you have more questions, or even ideas on how we can improve this page, please send them to the Office of the President.




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