Kishore Mohanty
Professor in Chemical Engineering

Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Houston.
Director, Graduate Program & Institute for Improved Oil Recovery.

B. Tech., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 1976.
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1981.

Work Experience:
Senior Principal Research Engineer, Exploration and Production Research Division, Atlantic Richfield Co., Plano, TX, 1981 - 1991.

Editorships, Committees, and Awards:
Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, University of Houston, 2004.
Senior Faculty Research Award, Cullen College of Engineering, 2004.
Chairman, Gordon Conference on Flow & Transport in Permeable Media, 2002.
Executive Editor, SPE Journal, 2001-2003.
ARCO Exceptional Contribution Award, 1984.

Research Interests:
Transport in porous materials
Reservoir simulation
Colloid and interface science
Improved oil recovery
Miscible flooding
Surfactant flooding

Over 80 research publications
Over $3 MM funded research
Graduated 15 PhDs and 12 MS students

Selected Publications (2002-2004):
Transport in Porous Materials:
Gautam, P. S. & Mohanty, K. K., “Matrix-Fracture Transfer Through Countercurrent Imbibition in Presence of Fracture Fluid Flow,” Transport in Porous Media, 55, 309-337 (2004).
Hidajat, I., Mohanty, K. K., Flaum, M., and Hirasaki, G., “Study of Vuggy Carbonates using NMR & X-ray CT Scanning,” to be published in SPEREE (October, 2004).
Sun, X., Nanchary, N. & Mohanty, K. K., “1-D Modeling of Hydrate Depressurization in Porous Media,” accepted to Transport in Porous Media, 2004.
App, J. F. & Mohanty, K. K., “Relative Permeability Estimation for Rich Gas-Condensate Reservoirs,” accepted to Transport in Porous Media, (2004).
Mohanty, K. K.: “The Near-Term Energy Challenge,” AIChE Journal, 49 (10), 2454-2460 (2003).
Singh, M. & Mohanty, K. K.: “Dynamic Modeling of Drainage through Three-dimensional Porous Materials,” Chem. Eng. Sci., 58, 1-18 (2003).
Singh, M., Hidajat, I. & Mohanty, K. K.: “NMR Response of a Porous Media: Parallel Implementation,” Chem. Eng. Comm. 190, 1661-1680 (2003).
Sun, X. & Mohanty, K. K., “Estimating Flow Functions During Drainage Using Genetic Algorithm,” SPE 84548, Proceedings of SPE ATCE, Denver, Oct. 5-8, 2003.
Hidajat, I., Rastogi, A., Singh, M. and Mohanty, K. K.: “Transport Properties of Porous Media from Thin-Sections,” SPE J., 7, 40-48 (2002).
Hidajat, I., Singh, M., Cooper, J. & Mohanty, K. K.: “Permeability of Porous Media from Simulated NMR Response,” Transport in Porous Media, 48, 225-247 (2002).
Gunaratne, G. H., Mohanty, K. K., and Wimalawansa, S. J.: “A Model for Trabecular Bone and an Application,” Physica, 315, 244 (2002).
Gunaratne, G. H., Rajapaksa, C. S., Bassler, K. E., Mohanty, K. K., and Wimalawansa, S. J.: “A Model for Bone Strength and Osteoporotic Fractures,” Phys. Rev. Lett., manuscript# 068101 (2002).
App, J. F. and Mohanty, K. K.: “The Benefit of Local Saturation Measurements in Relative Permeability Estimation from Centrifuge Experiments,” SPE J., 7, 288-298 (September 2002).
Surfactant, Colloid & Interface Science:
Tu, R., Mohanty, K. K. & Tirrell, M., “Liposomal Targeting Through Peptide-Amphiphile Functionalization,” American Pharmaceutical Review, 7 (2), 36-41 (2004).
Gautam, P. S. & Mohanty, K. K., “Novel Aqueous Foams for Suppressing VOC Emission,” Environ. Sci. Technol., 38 (4), 2721-2728 (2004).
Gautam, P. S. & Mohanty, K. K., “Mass Transfer of Volatile Organic Carbons Through Aqueous Foams,” J. of Coll. Interf. Sci, 273, 611-625 (2004).
Adibhatla, B., Mohanty, K. K., Berger, P. & Lee, C. “Effect of Surfactants on Wettability of Near-Wellbore Regions of Gas Reservoirs,” Proceedings of 8th International Symposium on Reservoir Wettability, Houston, May 16-18, 2004.
Li, F., Vipulanandan, C & Mohanty, K. K.: “Microemulsion and Solution Approaches to Nanoparticle Production for Degradation of Trichloroethylene,” Colloids & Surfaces A, 223, 103-112 (2003).
Chu, C. P., Ju, S. P., Lee, D. J., and Mohanty, K. K.: “Batch Gravitational Sedimentation of Slurries,” J. Coll. Interf. Sci., 245, 178-186 (2002).
Chu, C. P., Ju, S. P., Lee, D. J., Tiller, F. M., Mohanty, K. K., and Chang, Y. C.: “Batch Settling of Flocculated Clay Slurries,” accepted to I & EC. (2002).
Enhanced Oil Recovery:
Seethepalli, A., Adibhatla, B. & Mohanty, K. K., “Wettability Alteration During Surfactant Flooding of Carbonate Reservoirs,” SPE 89423, Proceedings of SPE/DOE 14th Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, Tulsa, April 17-21, 2004.
Mohanty, K. K. & Caneba, G., “Enhanced Oil Recovery - A Review,” in press Encyclopedia of Chemical Processes (2004).
Li, D., Kumar, K., & Mohanty, K. K., “Compositional Simulation of WAG Processes for a Viscous Oil,” SPE 84074, Proceedings of SPE ATCE, Denver, Oct. 5-8, 2003.


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