Kenneth B. Medlock III
Energy Research Fellow and
Visiting Professor
Department of Economics

Kenneth B. Medlock III is currently a Visiting Professor of Economics at Rice University and Energy Research Fellow to the James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Prior to returning to Rice, Dr. Medlock served as a Corporate Consultant at El Paso Energy Corporation. While at El Paso, he was responsible for fundamental analysis of North American natural gas, petroleum, and power markets. He also served as the Lead Modeler on the Modeling Sub-group for the National Petroleum Council study of long term natural gas markets in North America, which was released 2003. From May 2000 to May 2001, Dr. Medlock held the MD Anderson Fellowship at the James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy. There, he successfully organized the conference "Global Warming: Science and Policy" (September 2000).

Dr. Medlock received a PhD in Economics from Rice University in May 2000. His areas of research specialization are in the fields of Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy and Macroeconomic Theory, with interest in Applied Econometrics and Applied Microeconomics.

Dr. Medlock has published several articles and book chapters on energy economics including articles in The Energy Journal and The Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. Dr. Medlock is also widely quoted in the media on U.S. energy policy, energy prices and the economy, and North American natural gas markets, including such publications as Time Magazine , Business Week , the Boston Globe , Dallas Morning News , Times-Picayune , Detroit Free Press , and the Houston Chronicle .


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