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HOOTS gives out a scholarship each year to help with the education of employees and dependents of employees of Facilities & Engineering, Housing & Dining, and Project Management & Planning. This money is raised through the hard work and resourcefulness of its members, along with the generous donations of its supporters, both independently and through Rice's Annual Gifts Campaign. Applications are due on May 15 each year, available from the Executive Officers starting April 1.

In 2001, we also awarded a Summer Scholarship to subsidize the summer courses offered to high school students at Rice.


Scholarship Application Online

Summer Scholarship Application Online

The HOOTS Scholarship started in 1999 with money raised by the salvage of an old chiller from the air conditioning system of the old graduate house that was being torn down. With the permission of Mark Ditman, Manager of Housing & Dining, several members of Rice's air conditioning technical staff disassembled the chiller and transported the parts to a salvage business, saving the material from being sent the landfill while raising money to start the scholarship.

Each year, money raised for the scholarship is given to dependents of F&E, PM&P, and H&D employees to help them pursue higher education at Rice University, or its tuition-sharing schools of Trinity University and Austin College. This is a non-competitive scholarship so if the student qualifies (by being an employee or dependent of an employee of F&E, PM&P, or H&D), they will receive an equal portion of the available scholarship funds. The application for the scholarship is due on May 15 of each year for the following academic year (starting in the Fall). Applications can be picked up from Sau Mei Lees in Facilities & Engineering or Veronica Sellers in the main Food & Housing office. An online Scholarship application is also available.

In the 2002-2003 academic year, HOOTS awarded $4,200 to eight bright, young students. The beneficiaries of the scholarship fund for the 2002-2003 academic year are:

Graduates of HOOTS are:

HOOTS also awarded Summer Scholarships in 2001 to subsidize the summer courses offered at Rice to high school students. Like the regular scholarship, it was available to employees and dependents of employees of Facilities & Engineering and Housing & Dining. One scholarship of $200 was awarded to Kelly Ramirez based on her essay. We will offer a similar scholarship for the 2002 Summer. An online Summer Scholarship application is available. For more information about these courses, see the Rice Summer School website.

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