HOOTS Scholarship Application

This application is for the non-competitive scholarship given by the High Order of the Owl Tailgating Society (HOOTS) each academic year. You must be an employee or dependent of an employee of Facilities, Engineering & Planning or Housing & Dining of Rice University to be eligible for this scholarship. All eligible applicants that apply for this scholarship will receive a portion of the funds available for that academic year. The funds from this scholarship must be used to fund an education at Rice University.

The following items are needed for the scholarship application

The following are required during the year to be considered for continuing the scholarship.

Scholarship Applications are due on May 15th. The awardees are notified by June 1 and the scholarship will be delivered through Student Financial Services.

Applicant Information:


Rice ID number: (if applicable)

City: State: Zip:


Permanent Email:

School: (Rice, Trinity, Austin)

Year: (freshman, senior, etc.)

Extracurricular Activities: (clubs, community service, sports, etc.)

Planned Major: (Sociology, Biology with Premed, Undecided, etc.)

Post-Graduation Plans: (Graduate School, Work in Hospital, undecided, etc.)

Employee Information:

If you are employee of Facilities, Engineering & Planning or Housing & Dining please fill out the following section. If you are a dependent of an employee of Facilities & Engineering, Project Management & Planning, or Housing & Dining, please fill out the following information about the employee you are a dependent of:

Name: (example: John Doe)

Relationship to Applicant: (example: Father, Mother, etc.)

Rice Employee Number:

Department: (example: F&E, F&H)

Position: (example: Grounds Keeper, Custodian II)

Phone Number: (example: x5272)

Permanent Email:

Mail Stop: (example: MS-312)

To complete your application, you must send a photo of the scholarship recipient (preferably with the Rice employee parent). This may be sent as an attachment to hoots@rice.edu or given to any of the executive officers.

Once we receive all of the application materials (and verify that the requirements have been met for continuing recipients), we will award the scholarships by June 1.