Hannes Hofer's Curriculum Vitae

I have been working at Rice since 1981, and I have been a Planner/Coordinator for the Maintenance Department since 1992. Responsibilities include Project Management, Estimating, and Project Development. My expertise is in Classrooms, Exterior Repairs, Athletic Facilities, and Flooring. I studied Civil Engineering at Haslev Technical College in Denmark before immigrating to the USA in 1978, and I am aklso a graduate of the APPA Institute for Facilities Management. In addition to my responsibilities at F&E, I am a University Associate at Sid Richardson College, and I was the volunteer Head Coach for the Rice Crew Team from 1989 to 1999.

I currently serve as the Vice President and Board Member at the Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston and as a Treasurer and Board Member at the Danish Club of Houston.

Maintenance Planner and Coordinator at Rice University

My duties at Rice includes:

  • Assistant to Maintenance Manager
  • Budgeting of Major Maintenance and Capital Improvement Projects
  • Estimating of "Special Work Requests" from Campus Departments
  • Long and Short Term Maintenance Planning
  • Project Management

My specialties are in the following areas

  • Below and Above Grade Waterproofing
  • Carpet and Floors
  • Classroom Improvements
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Exterior Wall Renovations
  • Roads and Parking Lots
  • Interior Remodeling
  • Interior Finishes
  • Millwork

Computer Skills

  • Mac and PC
  • Datastream MP2 (FMIS)
  • Filemaker Pro
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Access

Work Portfolio

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