PHYS 201: Waves and Optics

I havefinished teaching this class for now, but I'm leaving the problem set and lecture notes here in case anyone finds them useful.

I'm teaching freshman E&M now, which also has some online stuff if you are interested: PHYS 102

Instructor: Jason H. Hafner [blog], Brockman Hall 262, x3205,

Meets: MWF 9:00 - 9:50 am, HZ 210

PHYS 201 Problem Set


Simple Harmonic Motion [ppt pdf]

Real Oscillations [ppt pdf]

Superposition [ppt pdf]

Damped SHM [ppt pdf]

Driven SHM [ppt pdf]

Coupled SHM [ppt pdf]

Continua [ppt pdf]

Continua Continued [ppt pdf]

Fourier Analysis [ppt pdf]

Wave Motion [ppt pdf]

More Wave Motion [ppt pdf]

Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption [ppt pdf]

Electromagnetic Field [ppt pdf]

Electromagnetic Wave Equation [ppt pdf]

Electromagnetic Plane Waves [ppt pdf]

Light! [ppt pdf]

Polarization States [ppt pdf]

LIght in a Dielectric I [ppt pdf]

Light in a Dielectric II [ppt pdf]

Light on a Dielectric I [ppt pdf]

Light on a Dielectric II [ppt pdf]

Light on a Dielectric III [ppt pdf]

Manipulating Polarization [ppt pdf]

Huygens and Fermat Principles [ppt pdf]

Light at a Curved Interface [ppt pdf]

Imaging and the Thin Lens [ppt pdf]

Plane Wave Interference [ppt pdf]

Young's Double Slit [ppt pdf]

Thin Film Interference [ppt pdf]

Multibeam Interference [ppt pdf]

Fabry Perot and Lasers [ppt pdf]

Fraunhofer Diffraction [ppt pdf]

Aperture Diffraction [ppt pdf]

Multislit Diffraction [ppt pdf]

Diffraction and Image Formation [ppt pdf]

Fresnel Diffraction [ppt pdf]

Scattering [ppt pdf]