earth science

Glen Snyder

Research Scientist

Ph.D (2001) University of Rochester

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Phone: (713)348-4054

Office: Keith Weiss Earth Science 330B

Sampling water from an artesian system in salt flats of the Chilean Altiplano

Sampling nitrate deposits, Atacama Desert, Chile

Gas hydrate, Umitaka Spur, Sea of Japan

Piston coring apparatus onboard the JAMSTEC research vessel Kaiyo

Lake Joyce and Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

Methane seeps on New Zealand's North Island

Sampling gas on the flanks of Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua

Miravelles geothermal, Costa Rica

Rice Earth Science
Research Overview:

Aqueous fluids provide us with a geochemical window to observe the fundamental mechanisms that have driven dynamic processes in crustal, surficial, and atmospheric reservoirs both in the present and in the distant past. My research has focused on determining the elemental and isotopic composition of fluids and looking at how they are coupled with global processes such as climate change, weathering, tectonics, and marine carbon cycling. Specific areas of research interest are as follows:

Cycling of carbon and other elements in marine continental margins:
Halogens in polar regions:
Coalbed Methane Systems:
Geothermal and volcanic studies:
Dispersal of Anthropogenic Isotopes: