Working Papers


“The Real Effects of Short Selling Constraints” with Sebastien Michenaud and James Weston.


“Corporate Payout Policy and Product Market Competition” with Roni Michaely.


“Product Market Competition and Internal Governance: Evidence from the Sarbanes Oxley Act” with Vidhi Chhaochharia, Yaniv Grinstein, and Roni Michaely.

“Religion, and Corporate (Mis)Behavior with George Kanatas and James Weston.

“A Granular Analysis of Corporate Investment” with John Hund and James Weston.

“Downside Risk and the Design of CEO Incentives: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” with David De Angelis and Sebastien Michenaud.

Research Projects in Progress

“Cyclicality and Stock Returns” with Yamil Kaba and James Weston.

“How Do Firms Choose the Maturity Structure of their Debt?” with Yamil Kaba and James Weston.


“The Effect of Taxes on Dividends: A Granular Approach” with Elizabeth Berger and James Weston.

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