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Call for Proposals

The Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) has accepted a  generous gift of $2,000 from Jack Sulzer to establish a  continuing education fund.  In response to the August 1996 charge given to the GODORT Continuing Education Fund  Working Group, the Education Committee is compiling a  Clearinghouse for Government Publications Web Sites and Information.
The goal of the Clearinghouse is to gather in one place the  many tools available to government information librarians to  facilitate timely and easy access to management materials.   Further, the purpose of this site is to assist government  information librarians in the successful management of  electronic government information, and in building advocacy  skills to promote access to this information.  We are in the  process of linking to existing training guides and tutorials.

We are looking for applicants interested in creating interactive  web-based tutorials to assist librarians in working with  government information. Examples of the type of subjects that  could be included are depository collection development,  cataloging/processing depository publications, training and  supervising depository library staff, providing user access to  electronic government publications, complying with Federal  Depository Library Program standards, or promoting a depository  collection both within and out of the library.
Tutorials will be selected based upon their potential usefulness  and innovative quality; they should not duplicate existing  resources. They need not be limited to the above subject list.  Other criteria for selection include: tutorial should be  user-friendly and well-organized; and project must be completed  within the time frame given, must be maintained for a specified  time period, and must have institutional support.
Grants will be issued in amounts of $250 to qualifying  applicants. Proposals should be no more than 3-4 pages in  length, double-spaced, and contain the following information:

Proposals should be submitted electronically to:
Amy Spare, Chair, Continuing Fund Working Group:
A hard  copy should also be submitted, and mailed to:
Amy Spare, Head
Government Publications and Microforms, MS 225
Fondren Library
Rice University
P. O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
Deadline for proposals is December 1, 1998.  Final decisions  will be made at ALA Midwinter, January 1999, and notification  sent to recipients shortly thereafter.  If the committee does not award all money in the Continuing Education Fund, another call for proposals may be issued at a later date.

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