Timothy J. Gilheart

Research Scientist - Nanofabrication Clean Room Manager
Shared Equipment Authority (SEA)
Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology
also: Duncan College Associate and Divisonal Advisor (Natural Sciences)

Facilities and Instruments Managed:
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Nanofabrication Clean Room (Abercrombie A137):
E-beam evaporator, photolithography mask aligner, mask maker, spin-coaters, reactive ion etch (RIE), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), rapid thermal annealer (RTA), critical point dryer (CPD), ellipsometer

Shared Characterization Lab (Abercrombie A167):
Wire bonder, wafer saw, wafer polisher, profilometer

Contact Information:
E-mail: gilheart -at- rice.edu
Office Location: Abercrombie A168
Office Phone: 713-348-3159
Mailing address: Rice University, 6100 Main St MS-100, Houston, Texas 77005

BS, Physics, Trinity University (2002)
Candidate for MS, Applied Physics, Rice University (2002-2004, transferred)
PhD, Physics, Dartmouth College (2008)
Dissertation: Developing robust fabrication of Si/SiGe quantum dots with integrated RF-SET charge detectors

Research Interests:
Fabrication of nanostructures with novel properties; characterization of nanostructures using electrical transport measurements
A write-up of my procedure for creating low-pass metal powder passive filters with attenuation in excess of of 80 dB can be found here.

Prior Experience:
Wiess Instructor of Physics, Rice University (Fall 2008-Spring 2011): co-teaching of PHYS 101/102 course sequence
Teaching interests: effective active learning strategies for large classes; using Socratic and semi-Socratic dialogues in the context of traditional lectures

Professional Membership: APS

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