I need to know how many slides?

Test 1 Info Self-tester 1
Test 2 Info Self-tester 2
Final Exam info Self-tester all

Note on Coverage

The test itself includes:

5 terms that you need to define (vocab, Artists, influences)
3 Slide Identification (Artist name, nationality, title/subject matter, period, date) and Importance
2 Slide comparisons (identification and comparison)
         this may require you to reference the art history documents assigned


Test 1 typically covers the beginning of class (Byzantine art) through the Northern Renaissance.  The self-tester will include all slides that relate to those sections.

self-tester test 1 slides



Test 2 typically covers Mannerism through Realism and Naturalism.  Test 2 self-tester includes ONLY these slides.

self-tester test 2 slides



Its final, it covers everything.  So does the self-tester. 

self-tester all slides


    Always remember that in different years, the class may be off by a lecture or two.  This means the test may cover more or less material than the year before.  For each test, information is given on what, generally, is expected to be known and what slides the self-tester for that test will include.  If there are slides you don't need to know than don't study them and if you got farther make sure you pay attention to what slides are missing.  It should never be drastic though.   Also, not that the teachers of the class are not always the same each year.   Dr. Manca always teaches the first section and Camfield usually teaches the last, but the middle section is up in the air.  There might be differences because of that.

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