A network of sites including over 650 highly targeted environments, each overseen by a professional guide. We are featured in the geography section run by Matt Rosenberg.


www.4Kids.org's team of educators, writers, artists, technology specialists, students and parents produces a weekly newspaper article and maintains the 4Kids Web site. Our vision is to pursue more effective ways of creating learning environments for all children regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or disability, particularly through advancing technologies such as the Internet.


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StudyWeb® is a free, comprehensive index that categorizes  and reviews over 28,000 educational and reference Web sites, and links users directly to their desired information.

StudyWeb® has rapidly emerged as one of the Web's most bookmarked educational research sites.


We were featured on the information technology news page
of The Chronicle for Higher Education website.
      We were included in the cover CD of WWW Internet Magazine, a leading Polish monthly magazine dealing with Internet-related issues.