Ethnic Studies Task Force
Why a task force?
The creation of an Ethnic Studies task force through the Student Association is important because it will institutionalize the ethnic studies commmittee. Dedicated students have been unsuccessful in creating an Ethnic Studies program for years. However, when these students graduate their work leaves with them, and students must begin the work all over again. Institutionalization will ensure that the Ethnic Studies committee exists until its objectives are met.
Mission Statement
The committee will promote exploration of the social, historical, political, and cultural development of ethnic groups in America.
To create an Ethnic Studies major at Rice University.
The committee will have a self-elected chair and will be comprised of interested students of all years. Meetings will be held at least once a month.

The 2002-2003 co-chairs are Ishmeal Bradley (Martel '03) and Charlotte Albrecht (Sid Rich '03).
The 2001-2002 chair was Ishmeal Bradley.

Reporting Mechanism
The chair of the Ethnic Studies committee will meet with the SA President no less than once a month to discuss the progress of the committee.
The committee will exist for three years after the Ethnic Studies major is implemented at Rice University.
Meetings: Fall 2002
Day Time Location Topic Minutes
Wed 11-20-02 8 pm Kelley Lounge study break, food, & survey results (not available)
Wed 11-20-02 6 pm Martel study break planning (not available)
Thu 11-7-02 6:30 pm Kelley Lounge survey results ESTF-02-11-07
Thu 10-31-02 5:30 pm Martel planning study break (not available)
Thu 10-24-02 noon Wiess PDR planning study break (not available)
Thu 10-8-02 7 pm Meyer conference room survey tubulating progress (not available)
Thu 10-3-02 3 pm Student Activities Workspace tabulate survey (not available)
Thu 9-26-02 3 pm Student Activities Workspace tabulate survey (not available)
Thu 9-19-02 8:30 pm Kelley Lounge semester planning ESTF-02-09-19
Sun 9-8-02 3 pm Kelley Lounge semester planning ESTF-02-09-08
For more information
To ask questions and to join the listserv email us at
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"Students push for ethnic studies major" Rice Thresher 4-12-02
"Ethnic studies task force discusses major" Rice Thresher 11-22-02
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Group Photo, 2001
Group Photo
Ethnic Studies Task Force of 2001-2002. Pictured are (left to right): Steven Chao '02, Amada Armenta '04, Ishmeal Bradley '03, Beth Garrett '02, Charlotte Albrecht '03, Evan Pankey '03. Not pictured are: Elizabeth Lockett '05 and Alberto I. Roca, Ph.D.

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