Jones is Green, Green is Jones

This is a series of environmental initiatives started by the leadership of Jones College to serve as a testing grounds to refine and hone improvements to the residential colleges' environmental track record.

Jones is Green has recently received a grant from Envision (a grant at Rice for innovative ideas in leadership and service), to provide some funds for various projects. The hope is that Jones College will be able to test and perfect different ideas and thus serve as a example for other colleges to "green" their operations.

Jones has already begun to separate their food waste from food service meals in the commons. Here's the chart and stats for this collection.

Current Proposed Ideas are:

Plastics recycling was also considered, but the Rice Housing department is currently working on that, so we decided to use our resources elsewhere.

Do you have another idea that would make a good college-based project? Let us know.

We will update this page as the initiatives start, to keep you abreast of their development. Stay tuned.

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