Friday, 7 March


12:20–12:30  Opening remarks


12:30–1:30  Popular Formulas: Constructions of Whiteness in Film, Television, and Music


"Fade to White: DVD Extras and Their Ability to (Dis)Narrate Race," David Messmer.


"Hillbillies, Healers, and Erstwhile-Cannibals: Representations of White Trash in The X-Files,"

Gina Weaver.


"Eight Miles From Graceland," Molly Robey.



1:45–3:00  Material Matters: Artistic Production and Its Influences


"Rrose Sélavy and the Work of Painting: A Little Game Between I and Me," Brooke Campbell, Emory University.


"A Small Boy and (Various) Others: A Year with Punch and Napoleon," Michael Meeuwis.


"This is Not History: Disciplining Readers and Interpellation in William Thackeray’s The History of Henry Esmond," Duncan Hasell.


"’An Art Allied to Poetry’: The Visual and Manual Arts as Metaphor in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats," Julianne White, Jacksonville State University.



3:45–4:30  The Art of Community


"Saints Alive: Santos in Contemporary American Life," Dinah Zeiger, The University of Colorado.


"Purpose and Strategy in Music Outreach: The Challenges and Rewards of Teaching Culture and Imagination," Daphne Gerling and Joel Luks, Rice Shepherd School of Music.


"Sparks From Northern Fires: Tolkien, Lewis, and the Study and Creation of Myth," Andrew Lazo.


"Art and Activism: The Case of Documenta II," Kathryn M. Floyd, The University of Iowa.



Saturday, 8 March


9:20–9:30  Opening Remarks


9:30–10:30  (In)Visible Identities


"Disembowelling Serial Murder: Race and the Art of Murder by Numbers," Shubha Joshi.


"American Accents: Subversive Realidades of East L.A. and Chicano Art in Gregory Nava's American Family," John Escobedo


"Re-presentation—Re-production—or Non (rep)resentation—Non product(ion): Does Reproduction Represent Production?" Eser Selen, New York University.

10:40-11:40  Genders in Conflict: Maids, Mothers, and Marriage in Shakespeare


"Divorce a mensa et thoro and Companionate Marriage in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and The Winter's Tale," Ronit Berger.


"Warring Queen-Mothers in Shakespeare's King John," Mary Stripling.


"The Secret Life of Props: Shakespeare and the Disappearing Female Body," Amy Pollard.

11:45—12:20  Lunch



12:30 – 2:00  Keynote Speaker

"Choosing a Critical Path: The Dreaded 'So What?' Question," Dr. Lawrence Buell, Chair of the Department of English Harvard University.



2:10 – 3:10  (Dis)Locating Agency: the Politics of Place


"Tragic Comic: Debbie Dreschler's Daddy's Girl and the Crisis of Home," C. Kayte Young, Rice School of Architecture.


"'The Law in the Present Instance': Property in The Mysteries of Udolpho," Leah Speights.


"Lulu's Title," Lourdes Alberto.



3:20-4:20  Constructing the Self, Constructing the Other: Aesthetic Representations of Africa


"Double Identities and Anti-Slavery in the Black Atlantic," Basak Demirhan.


"Within the Time-lag in Mapping the Absent Presence—From Toni Morrison's Rereading of Hemingway," Josephine Huang, State University of New York at Albany.


"Exploring Art: The Congo, Jukkäsjarvi, London–Nigeria," Celia Aijmer and AnnKatrin Jonsson, Göteborg University.



4:30 – 5:30  Marked Bodies: the Aesthetics of the Other


"Dignity on Aesthetic Terms: Melville's Confidence Man," Rachel Cole, Johns Hopkins University.


"An Exemplary 'Antiromance?': Lennox's The Female Quixote," Eun-Young Koh.


"'Lo que quiero es tierra': Longing and Belonging in Cherrie Moraga's Ecological Vision," Priscilla Ybarra.



5:30-6:00  Reception for Dr. Buell