Nostalgia II , May 13, 1997.

(C) Copyright 1997, Mahmoud A. El-Gamal.

Come friends and join me on those wings,

and savor what o'r journey brings...

saalmah ya salamah.

We're flying to o'r childhood dreams,

where nothing is quite what it seems...

saalmah ya salamah.

We're flying to o'r mother's womb;

o'r land of birth, o'r childhood's tomb...

saalmah ya salamah.

A land where opposites can merge;

where lives from desert sands emerge...

saalmah ya salamah.

A land of innocence and greed;

where good and bad conjoin and breed...

saalmah ya salamah.

The land we left in our youth

searching the earth for self and truth...

saalmah ya salamah.

The land to which we often yearn

knowing not wherefore we return...

saalmah ya salamah.

Like our "Ba" we're doomed to fly

back to o'r home, knowing not why...

saalmah ya salamah.

Oh curse of curses, Oh "Kemet",

I can't recall when we first met.

You are eternally my bride,

and I'm your father and your child;

and every spring you are my mate,

I melt in you and forge our fate;

and through the years our child will grow,

and prosper in o'r after-glow.

Then you and I'll be truly wed,

as I am carried to our bed;

and I'll be covered in your sand;

my tomb, your womb, and wedded hand;

and they will sing as they leave me

within your womb; they'll sing for me:

saalmah ya salamah.