Nostalgia , December 13, 1995.

(C) Copyright 1997, Mahmoud A. El-Gamal.

Come friends let's set our spirits free;

I'll sing for Egypt, sing with me

a song that takes us back in time

when on a fluka we would rhyme:

as Nubian sailors sing their part,

sing `` Aah ya naari '' from your heart.

... Aah ya naaari ...

Ah ya naari , oh my flames ablaze,

my life has led me to this maze.

... Aah ya naaari ...

I lost my dreams and lost my aim

and every one I know 's the same.

... Aah ya naaari ...

I sing the songs I sang before,

to capture dreams I dream no more.

... Aah ya naaari ...

I dreamt of my friends back at home

and all the streets we used to roam

... Aah ya naaari ...

I dreamt of girls I knew in school

where harmless flirting was the rule

... Aah ya naaari ...

I dreamt of purity long gone

when I thought well of everyone

... Aah ya naaari ...

I sing of Egypt my homeland:

its Nile, its shores, its burning sand

... Ah ya naaari ...

I sing, and wonder: would she care?:

I lost that locket of her hair;

the one she gave me as a trust;

the one she told me that I must

return to her when she turns grey,

and not to give her pride away.

But I forgot and I went on,

I am no longer her young son.

I am a greedy, selfish man

who neither wants her love nor can

afford to show that he belongs

beyond his singing her old songs

... Aah ya naari ...