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Econ 504 / Stat 604
Computational Economics

Fall 2017



Professor: Mahmoud A. El-Gamal

Classes: MW 10:45-12:15, Room BKH 271

Office Hours: MW 1--2:00 or by appointment

TA: Andrea Salvati

Course Description:

This course introduces first-year Economics PhD students to the essential elements of numerical and monte carlo analysis methods for use in Economics and Finance. No prior programming experience is required, although, of course, such experience can be of value.

We will not have a formal textbook for the course, but elements of the following books will be used:

Tentative syllabus:


  • Homeworks (julia projects wherein you may consult with colleagues): 40%
  • Two exams (julia projects wherein you may not consult with anyone): 30% + 30%