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Economics 452
Religion, Ethics, and Economics

Spring 2017



Professor: Mahmoud A. El-Gamal

Classes: TR 1:00--2:15, Room BKH 229

Office Hours: TR 11:00--12:00 or by appointment

TA: Daniel Prudencio

Course Description:

This course is a research seminar. Although Econometrics (Econ 309, Econ 409, or Stat 410) is not required, it is recommended. Appropriate primers on using R and regression analysis will be offered as needed throughout the semester. The professor and TA will also be happy to guide students who need further technical (and/or substantive) assistance outside the classroom.

Approximately one paper is assigned for each class. Students will work in teams on small empirical projects related to each week's papers. Results of team projects will be presented and discussed in class. One third of the grade will be based on these weekly team projects.

Another third of the grade will be based on individual presentations of term paper synopses (last two weeks of classes). The remaining third of the grade will be based on the term paper. Students are strongly urged to start identifying and collecting resources for their term paper topics as early as Week 3 (survey papers in Week 2 will facilitate picking a topic, and the professor will be happy to discuss students' ideas for potential topics throughout the semester).

Readings (required):

Recommended readings:

Tentative syllabus:

An excellent, albeit not comprehensive, source of data: