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Date: Friday, June11, 2010
Topic: "EPA Mandatory GHG Reporting......What's Next?"
In 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency promulgated a new rulemaking requiring reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by most industrial facilities. This new mandatory reporting rule (MRR) went into effect January 1, 2010, and requires reporting of 2010 emissions by March of 2011. Any site emitting over 25,000 MT/yr of CO2e now must report. The MRR required a significant and new effort by many sites to track and report GHG emissions. Some sites were even required to install new measurement equipment. The burden so far has been heaviest on refineries.

In this presentation, a brief review of the MRR and its current impacts on industry will be discussed. New portions of the MRR that are being issued in 2010 will also be reviewed. Future plans that the EPA and Congress has for the results of the MRR will also be outlined. Finally, the multi-pronged efforts that EPA is taking to regulate GHG's and collect revenue will be briefly reviewed, along with its likely impacts on industry.
Speaker: Matthew Harrison is a chemical engineer from the University of Texas, and began his career 25 years ago with Exxon in the Baytown Chemical Plant and Refinery complex. At Exxon, he worked in operations supporting various units in the plant, and later was a manager in Exxon's Major Projects Group, which constructed new units in the complex.

Matt joined Radian (which later became URS) where he continued to serve the Oil & Gas industry. Matt founded the company's greenhouse gas practice, and he is prime author of some of the landmark studies in the area, still cited by API and EPA in their latest works on greenhouse gases. Matt is a key consultant involved in technical support to the National Petroleum Refiners Association (NPRA) and has spoken at several recent NPRA conferences, and has also personally led NPRA seminars.

Matt currently is a Senior Project Manager at URS and technical lead for greenhouse gas and carbon projects for the upstream and downstream portions of the Oil & Gas industry.
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Time: 11:30 am sign-in with the speaker beginning at NOON
Fee: $25 per person - a boxed lunch will be served
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