Michael Hyland - President, Hyland & Associates

Prior to the establishment of Hyland & Associates,  Michael Hyland was Vice President of Snamprogetti, an Engineer/Procure/Construct Division of ENI, the Italian Energy and Chemical Conglomerate. Mr. Hyland has extensive background in consulting, engineering, technology licensing & transfer, and engineering education. His experience includes project development and feasibility analyses, market and competitor analyses, negotiating and carrying out joint ventures, technology selection, financial analyses and dealing with financial sources.

Mr. Hyland was an adjunct Associate Professor at Manhattan College where he taught courses in Project Management, New Energy Technology, and Project Finance and Economics. Prior to Snamprogetti, he has worked with Keplinger & Associates, Brown & Root, Rust Engineering & Construction, Lummus, and Haldor Topsoe, Inc. He holds graduate degrees in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from NYU and Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Alabama.

You can contact Mr. Hyland at: michaelhylandinwalden@gmail.com